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Venice Film Festival: Greeks with “Heart”

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA) Soul Kitchen” is the title of a movie by Fatih Akin, a young German director of Turkish descent, who is best known for his previous film “The Edge of Heaven” (2007).

The latest movie “Soul Kitchen” recounts the story of two German brothers of Greek descent (the characters’ names are the Kazatzakis brothers) who try their best to make an honest living on the streets of Hamburg.  The leading role is the one of the two brothers (starring German-Greek actor Adam Basdoukos) who manages to overcome difficulties and eventually become a chef at his own restaurant.  “Soul Kitchen is principally a love letter to my city, Hamburg” says the 36-year old promising director who impressed both audience and critics with his film at the 66th Venice Film Festival. Whereas dealing with rough social issues such as the cultural and social struggle of classes, the movie brings a soft breeze of humorous sarcasm, adding to the movie’s broadly acknowledged taste.