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Crete, the island of miracles

Crete, land of Daidalos and Ikaros, is the largest island of Greece, separating the Aegean from the Libyan Sea and marking the boundary between Europe and Africa. On Crete, the scenery is constantly changing.
Majestic mountains rise in its centre –the Lefka Ori, Psiloritis, Dikti– full of legends and history, while its plateaus are split by deep gorges, ending up in lush valleys.
This island’s fertile soil and towering peaks witnessed the development of one of the most important civilizations on earth, the Minoan (2800-1150 B.C.).
With its clear, warm sea, boundless beaches lined with tamarisks and mild starry nights, Crete is an idyllic place for vacation but for living as well, in bustling Iraklio, cosmopolitan Aghios Nikolaos, picturesque Rethymno or enchanting Chania.

Greece: Road Show on Investment Opportunities in Emerging Markets

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)    The Ministry of Economy and Finance and the International Finance Corporation (Member of the World Bank Group) are holding a road show on investment opportunities in emerging markets (Southern Europe, Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa). The event focuses on opportunities spotted in the sectors of construction, manufacturing, infrastructure, agribusiness and finance. Furthermore, participants will be given the chance to exchange views on fund raising and the adaptation to local entrepreneurial environment. Thessaloniki was the first city to host the road show yesterday, while today, the event is being moved to Athens.   Continue reading