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Dion: 40 years of Excavations

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)  Dimitrios Pantermalis, president of the Acropolis Museum, presented on July 11 the book “Ancient Dion-40 Years of Excavations” on the occasion of the 38th Olympus Festival at the archaeological site of Dion.   On the northeastern slopes of Mt Olympus, Dion -an ancient Macedonian city- was the most sacred place for Macedonians, dedicated to Zeus.  The lush environs of Dion are steeped in mythology, including stories that explain the origin of the name Macedonia. Ancient Dion’s numerous temples, theaters, bath complexes, stone-paved streets, tombs and a set of impressive fortifications bear witness to a very prosperous and historic place of political and religious importance. Philip II and Alexander the Great both celebrated military victories at Dion, making lavish sacrifices to Zeus and staging athletic contests.  Today, the site of Dion constitutes the hub of a spacious and well organised archaeological park, while various performances are being staged at its ancient theatre, as part of the annual Olympus Festival.    Athens Plus: Dark Myths and Cool Walks in the Shadow of Mt Olympus (10.07.09) pdf

Greek FM Bakoyiannis meets with Iraqi Counterpart

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)  Foreign Minister Dora Bakoyannis and her visiting Iraqi counterpart Hoshyar Zebari held talks in Athens yesterday and agreed on: the establishment of a Greek Economic and Commercial Affairs Office in Iraq, Greece’s assistance in the protection of Iraq’s cultural heritage, and the building of a statue of Alexander the Great in Gaugamela.  Speaking to the press after the meeting, Bakoyannis said the discussions included a review on international developments, particularly the Middle East. She also stressed Greece’s steadfast stance in favour of the unity, independence and territorial integrity of Iraq. Bakoyannis further noted that Greece was “participating in the financing of Iraq’s developmental effort” with emphasis on the improvement of infrastructures.   Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Statements of Foreign Minister and her counterpart Hoshyar Zebari, following their meeting (27.01.2009) & Bilateral Relations: Greece-Iraq 

Greek excavations on Kuwait’s Failaka isle reveal Hellenistic period findings

(ATHENS NEWS AGENCY-MACEDONIAN PRESS AGENCY)  Archaeological excavations on Failaka Island, located 20 km off the coast of Kuwait City in the extreme western end of the Persian Gulf, have brought to light a series of significant Hellenistic period findings, beginning roughly during the period immediately following the death of Alexander the Great. Remains of a fort, temple, shrine, and ancient Greek inscriptions have been unearthed, with the discoveries presented during a press conference at the culture ministry in Athens on Tuesday by Greek archaeologists working at the site in cooperation with the Kuwaiti government. Continue reading