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Greek Prime Minister: National Unity Against Violance

karastanding11(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)  Prime Minister Kostas Karamanlis, in his statement on Tuesday night regarding ongoing riots and incidents in the country, stressed that “those who create disturbances and vandalism are enemies of democracy” and added that he made this position clear in successive meetings he held with the President of the Republic, party leaders and the Parliament speaker earlier in the day. “Generalisations and levelling aphorisms in the name of democracy deal a blow to democracy itself,” the prime minister said and concluded that the government is handling the situation with responsibility and calmness, but with determination and with the focus being protecting human life, securing legality and restoring the feeling of security.  President of the Hellenic Republic Karolos Papoulias called on everyone to honour the 15-year-old boy, whose fatal shooting by police sparked days of rioting across the country, peacefully. “If our society fails to give convincing answers, giving solutions, the wound will remain open. But we must persist with respect to the institutions and the laws. Being a member of the generation that lived through difficult years in our history, I urge everyone to honour Alexis’ memory peacefully,” said the President of the Republic. Athens News Agency: PM calls for national unity against violence; ERTonline: Papoulias’ call for peaceful remembrance