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Historein/Ιστορείν: Forum of Modern Greek Studies

GREEK NEWS AGENDA)      Historein/Ιστορείν (www.historein.gr) is a Greek-based, internationally-minded multilingual review of historical studies with the field of Modern Greek Studies as the point of departure. Historein/Ιστορείν provides a forum for a comparative perspective including the fields of epistemology, social anthropology, sociology, philosophy, literary and cultural studies.  The review’s forthcoming International Conference (Athens, October 30th – November  1st, 2008) “History between Reflexivity and Critique” co-organized with the International Commission of Historiography and Theory of History,
and the Historical Archive of the University of Athens, will address history writing as cultural and political critique, contemporary theoretical investigations linked to the concept of “reflexivity” and “critique” in history,  as well as reflections on the potentials and limitations of history, including enquiries into the nature, the uses and the politics of history.  International Conference “History between Reflexivity and Critique”: Final Programme;
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Speleologists and Nature Lovers Rendez-vous in Greece

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)    Environmentally aware speleologists and nature lovers seeking adventure will have a unique rendezvous in the beautiful landscape of the northern prefecture of Drama from June 13 to 22 to attend the 2nd Balkan Speleological Reunion Camp “Balkan 2008.” Speleologists from 11 Balkan countries will have the opportunity to explore a number of caves in the region. The meeting is jointly organised by the Drama Prefecture, the Culture Ministry’s Paleo-Anthropology – Speleology Division in Northern Greece and the Hellenic Speleological Federation of Speleology with the support of the Balkan Speleological Union