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Holocaust Memorial Day

The opening of the exhibition The Memorial: 16 Artists Propose, featuring projects that were submitted last year by 16 artists, as part of an international competition for the construction of a Holocaust Memorial of Greek Jews, took place at the Jewish Museum of Greece.
The competition was conducted by the Jewish Community of Athens and resulted in the selection of the work of artist DeAnna Maganias which was unveiled at a special event in May 2010. The museum is also organising a week-long programme of educational activities and memorial events, lasting until February 4.
The exhibition –which will remain open until August 2011- is part of events that have been planned for the Holocaust Martyrs’ and Heroes’ Remembrance Day, co-organized by the Attica region and the Jewish community of Athens for January 26 and 27. A memorial service was held on the 27th of January, at the Athens Synagogue in Thisseio, to be followed by a speech by University of Athens History Professor, Hagen Fleischer.
Minister of Foreign Affairs Dimitris Droutsas issued a statement on the occasion of the Holocaust Memorial Day, in which he referred to Greece’s continuing efforts to preseve historical memory and educate younger generations. He further added that preparations are underway for a permanent Greek exhibition at the Auschwitz Museum.  

Greece: Athens in 2030

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA) On April 20, Souflias heralded an ambitious 20-year plan, making provision for a future Athens facelift, as it is projected that, by that time, the population in the region of Attica will have probably doubled.  According to the minister, the plan foresees the coexistence of “sustainable development, protection of natural resources, stable economic growth, an upgrading in competitiveness and the improvement of citizens’ quality of life.”  One of the most ambitious aspects of this plan that aims at promoting Athens’ international role as a metropolitan area of Europe, is the creation of a 220-kilometer metro network comprising eight lines and covering 85% of Attica. Moreover, the plan seeks to ‘freshen up’ historic urban centres in Attica such as Athens and Piraeus downtown by turning roads along historic buildings and architectural monuments into pedestrian zones. The draft bill for the plan will be debated sometime by November, after its submission to the Parliament.  City of Athens: Urban Planning; Secretariat General of Information: About Brand Greece- Spatial Planning; Networks Attica-Piraeus Prefecture: Regeneration of Athens Pedion Areos Park (‘Field of Mars’)