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Greece: Rare Crayfish in Cave

(ATHENS NEWS AGENDA) A rare stone crayfish was found in the Cave of Aggiti’s River – also known as Maara Cave- at the southern foot of Mt Falakros in Drama prefecture. Belonging to “Austropotamobius torrentium” species, this rare crayfish is unusually transparent and has a translucent light blue colour. A team of Greek and French speleologists have actually succeeded in discovering some 25 such specimens at a depth of 2,100-7,100 metres from the surface of Aggitis Cave. This cave-dwelling species is unique in the world and it can possibly form a new variety. Aggitis Cave has been explored – for the first time in 1978 – to a depth of 2.5 km though only the first 500 meters are accessible to the public, while it is estimated that its total length reaches 12km. It is noteworthy that inside the cave there is evidence of human habitation dating back to 3000 B.C. and the fortifications near the entrance are from the 6th century A.D. Hellenic Federation of Speleology: www.fhs.gr