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Preview of the New Acropolis Museum in London

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)     A presentation of the New Acropolis Museum, organized jointly by the Hellenic Foundation for Culture and the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) is taking place in London on December 2-3 (New Acropolis Museum: The London Preview). Professor Pandermalis, President of the Organization for the Construction of the New Acropolis Museum and Bernard Tschumi, lead Architect of the New Acropolis Museum will be guest speakers at the two-day event which will be held at RIBA’s Jarvis Hall, under the auspices of the Greek Ministry of Culture.  On December 3, Pandermalis and Tschumi will deliver a lecture on the “architectural challenge” that was the project of the construction of the New Acropolis Museum at a workshop intended for architecture students from all architecture departments in the United Kingdom.