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“Citrus Memories”: Unique Museum on Chios Island

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)  A unique museum of citrus fruits is located on the island of Chios, known as “Citrus Memories.” One of three museums of its kind in the world, the “Citrus Memories” is actually a gallery which has several departments, highlighting cultivation, harvesting and trading of citrus fruits on the island of Chios since 1500. Established in 2008, the museum is located in Kampos – an area full of orchards – at the centre of the island. Region of North Aegean: Prefecture of Chios


Greece: Chios “The Blessed Island”

chios-mapThree Videos from the Greek island of Chios by Ellopia Media Group:

Chios: The Blessing Island Chios Genesis [ http://rs6.net/tn.jsp?et=1102534344287&s=1624&e=001YI79mKvPVP7D93_JKli4hVjNDQYm2kHuZ2jNhtoUJv4mFV9advZP9wZhVxqyop0df7BXSXczPMNkTkKUm-9h_UDz34LRjberQ_tFt0DHOzxB_G_vA9TIAeOlyexKIpIPnP_H1A-T6oiwv8iUZp3hDQ==} ]  
Chios: O Kampos,Chios o Kampos http://rs6.net/tn.jsp?et=1102534344287&s=1624&e=001YI79mKvPVP5toSlWNf3tvuetxfyTOOnxlu4PtBflOxeuLIjmrg_yBPrLNn9o0_sMOepW39TDtowMes-m-gvyNpJhjBRUWhYVXVypUTjoakN1uk0IZSI7c1GVYw-ASnqdIlHcn2-4YBVFR6FVQ9rlgg== ]
Chios: Metropolitis Dionisios 30 Years.Chios Despotis [http://rs6.net/tn.jsp?et=1102534344287&s=1624&e=001YI79mKvPVP7o9mQBI0p6OMGUt3XFNz0Ztcu4so1lQ_g6ZfJiNGT8A6YmHebL5wGvK0zHk_SvgZXX-Okl-LBs1oj8fxbDqEklZ_U0QiP_s_owdoSeT1f5j2mLvYidnfoD9iZ7CPm_Errd2Lr27cWJ5A=


Geothermal Energy in Greece

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)  The Ministry of Development supports large scale investments in green power to cover the energy needs of specific islands whose environment favours the implementation of renewables. A current scheme soon to be implemented capitalises on geothermal energy, using the heat in the earth’s interior. The islands included in the project are Milos, Nisyros, Lesbos, Chios, Samothraki and Santorini. Especially in the case of Milos and Nisyros, the steam or geothermal liquid springing from the surface can reach 350 degrees Celsius. Centre for Renewable Energy sources: Geothermal Energy; Ministry of Development: Renewable Sources of Energy (in Greek)

Greece: The Cultural Agenda

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)               Festivals
The Rockwave Festival, a musical event held every summer in Athens, has established its reputation since its inception 12 years ago. This year, Terra Vibe Park opens its gates and prepares its two stages on July 8, 9 and 10 to host a line up of more than thirty Greek and international artists for all music tastes from metal to pop. Headliners in 2008 are The Offspring, Manu Chao and Judas Priest.  Continue reading

A Sweetener for Greek-Turkish Relations

Sakiz Adasi café (Sakiz Adasi means Chios Island in Turkish) has operated in the port city of Izmir (Smyrni in Greek) for approximately one year now, and has won the hearts and minds of the Turks. Set up by Greeks from the island of Chios, this unique cafe delivers original tastes to the the shop’s customers. While Chios mastic gum (masticha) may be a very popular item on the menu, the coffee shop offers a variety of Chios’ products ranging from gum, liquors, and mastic powders to soap and toothpaste. Continue reading