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Finance Minister on Greek Economy

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA) The new government “will do what is required to be consistent with the need for a medium-term reduction of the budget deficit,” Finance Minister George Papaconstantinou stated, after a downgrade in Greece’s credit rating by Fitch rating agency.
He also dubbed unrealistic the scenario of Greece resorting to the assistance of the International Monetary Fund.

Giving an interview about the issue yesterday on CNN , Papaconstantinou stressed that “the government is putting together very quickly a number of initiatives and measures to reassure the markets and our European partners that we are serious about reducing the deficit […].”
“There is a movement on all reforms fronts,” something that will restore Greece’s credibility.
Kathimerini daily: Fitch rating downgrade upsets markets


Prime Minister G. Papandreou Interview to CNN

Interview by George Papandreou on CNN

Interview by George Papandreou on CNN

In an exclusive interview to CNN, Greek Prime Minister _George Papandreou assured markets that the Greek economy is on a stable and realistic path of growth and reduced budget deficits. “There is zero risk of defaulting” Papandreou said to CNN’s John Defterios, “We are a responsible country, a country with great potential…”. (http://www.papandreou.gr/papandreou/content/Document.aspx?d=6&rd=7

Greece on CNN’s iReport

ireport(www.minpress.gr)  CNN’s iReport features Greece this week. iReporters submitted their favorite vacation photos from Greece and a selection of 25 of them is been presented.   Photos from Santorini, Myconos, the Parthenon etc along with the enthusiastic comments and memories of the people who posted them, constitute a slideshow of some of the most beautiful aspects of Greece.  iReport.com is a user-generated site, where users submit stories, videos, pictures etc. See the photos here

Greeks in the World: Storm Chaser & Adventurer

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)   George Kourounis, born in Hull, Quebec of Greek origin, is a reporter- though the word does not describe exactly what he does. Kourounis is a storm chaser and a renowned globaladventurer. He has been filming tornadoes, storms and all types of extreme natural phenomena for 11 years. In January 2005, after filming inside the smoking crater of the active Erta Ale volcano in Ethiopia, he became the first person to have ever filmed from the inside of 3 of world’s most fearsome forces – inside a tornado, the eye of a hurricane and inside an active volcano. His efforts have been seen around the world on the Discovery Channel, National Geographic Explorer, BBC-TV, CNN. Kourounis is also the host and co-creator of “Angry Planet”, a television series that focuses on his experiences with extreme weather and other natural phenomena, airing in over 35 countries worldwide.  Secretariat General of Information, Global Greeks: Media