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PM George Papandreou in Moscow

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA) Prime Minister George Papandreou arrived in Moscow yesterday for a two-day working visit during which he will be holding meetings with President Dmitry Medvedev and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin to discuss economic, commercial, military and political issues.
Speaking to the Itar-Tass news agency, ahead of the visit, George Papandreou said that the level of Greek-Russian relations is excellent while he described relations between the European Union and Russia as having strategic importance.
In another interview with the Russian news agency RIA-Novosti, the premier stressed that Greece is expecting political support and not economic aid from the European Union.
 “Greece did not appeal for economic aid to the international community or to the European Union. Greece intends and is capable of solving its problems alone,” the prime minister said.
Referring to the Burgas-Alexandroupoli oil pipeline, Papandreou said that its construction can begin in six months.


Cultural ties with Georgia

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA) The Institute of Classical, Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies of the Tbilisi State University has undertaken the initiative to compile the first Modern Greek-Georgian Dictionary, containing 50,000 words. The project was funded by the Kostas and Eleni Ourani Foundation

The Greek element has been present in Georgia since antiquity. The first trips had commercial purpose and within years, the first cultural enclaves were established.
The two early Georgian kingdoms of late antiquity were known to ancient Greeks as Iberia in the east and Colchis in the West.
The Western part was strongly influenced by Greek culture – as evidenced in Greek mythology and the story of Jason seeking the Golden Fleece in Colchis – and the eastern part by the Persians.
Greeks in Georgia established ties with the Byzantine Empire, building on a common religious background.
Until recently (1989), the Greek community in Georgia counted some 100,000 residents, but nowadays the population totals between 15,000- 20,000. 
Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Greeks in Georgia; Photo: “The Argonauts”, a publication by the Institute of Classical, Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies of the Tbilisi State University.

New Maritime and Fisheries Commissioner

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA) President of the European Commission, Jose Manuel Barroso unveiled on November 27, the members of the new Commission.

Ruling PASOK deputy Maria Damanaki was nominated European commissioner for maritime affairs and fisheries, a key portfolio with particular interest for Greece, where commercial shipping makes a significant contribution to the economy.
Kathimerini daily (28.11): PASOK MP Maria Damanaki nominated commissioner for maritime affairs, fisheries
Greek News Agenda: EU on a new path

Greek Supersonic Minds

Future civil supersonic airliner(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)  Dimitrios Tsounis and Manolis Vlatakis from the High School of Kareas in Athens participated in the NASA Aeronautics 2008-2009 Student Competition “Design of supersonic aircraft in 2020.  The competition was open to high school and college students from all over the world who proposed ideas or design concepts for a commercial transport that can fly faster than the speed of sound over land or water.  The two Greek students won third prize with their Supersonic Flight Project.

Thessaloniki International Fair

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)              The 73rd Thessaloniki International Fair begins tomorrow and continues until September 14. Prime Minister Kostas Karamanlis will address the inauguration ceremony and will conclude his visit to Thessaloniki by visiting the exhibition premises and delivering a speech on Saturday. The Fair constitutes a forum vested with political significance for the country. Traditionally, the Prime Minister and the leaders of all political parties address the event, heralding their intentions regarding the coming year. With its continuous presence through eight decades, the International Fair of Thessaloniki, the largest trade fair in Southeast Europe featuring exhibitors from 32 countries, undeniably constitutes the country’s corner stone in commercial fairs. First in the events within the framework of the 73rd Thessaloniki International Fair is the 4th Business Forum (September 7-9) which focuses on Public Authorities/ Enterprises and the Environment. Thessaloniki International Fair: 4th TFI-Business Forum