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Athens is Going Green

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)   A pilot project in Athens offering citizens redeemable coupons for recycling their trash is to be extended across the capital. Under the programme “Compensatory Recycling,” citizens who recycle plastic, metal, paper and other waste are given a coupon, whose value depends on the volume of trash recycled. The coupons can either be donated to the municipality’s recycling fund or used for discounts at supermarkets. The scheme is being funded by packaging producers and so costs are not passed on to consumers. Apart from its standard blue recycling bins, Athens already has 25 special compensatory recycling kiosks with slots for different types of trash. The aim is for another 75 to be set up across Athens next year and dozens more in other cities. City of Athens: Cleanliness & Environment – Recycling; Secretariat General of Information – About Greece: Environmental Protection