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Touristic attractions of Naxos



"Portara", temple entrance-landmark of Naxos town

The island of Naxos is the largest and most fertile of the Cyclades.
Due to its important agricultural production, it was one of the latest to open itself to tourism. For that reason, it has kept its authentic beauty which attracts every year more and more visitors.
Naxos has a great variety of things to offer to the visitor: impressive mountainous landscapes with many isolated traditional villages, some of Europe’s most beautiful golden sandy beaches, a charming capital with its Venetian quarter, picturesque fishing villages, many Byzantine churches, ruins, active night life…
Naxos is world famous for its endless golden sandy beaches with crystal waters situated in the western coast.
Some of these beaches has kept their natural beauty and are considered as some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe: Agios Prokopios, Orkos or Plaka.

Amorgos at Polish tourist magazine H2O

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA) In the April issue of the Polish tourist magazine H2O, Marek Slodownik introduces the Cycladic island of Amorgos to the lovers of sailing and “the deep blue.”

The article provides readers with tips on how to enjoy sailing, while gazing at the coasts of Amorgos, as well as information on the island’s history and hidden tourist attractions such as locations where the famous film “The Big Blue” was shot.
The author reports that Greece is a favoured destination for Polish tourists, as approximately 250,000 visit the country every year.
Visit Greece: www.visitgreece.grGreek islands

Jewels in the Greek Crown: Folegandros

folegandros1(1)(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)  Folegandros is a welcoming small island in the Aegean that has led to the creation of its own fan club, as visitors keep coming, year after year, to meet friends from all over the world. They report that they remain spellbound by its beauty and by the hospitality of its inhabitants who seem to consider visitors as honorary guests in a family reunion. Every summer, at the beginning of July, the Municipality of Folegandros organises in association with the non-profit organisation Media dell’ Arte the “”Folegandros Festivities.” The Media dell’ Arte consists of artists and academics who have put together a cultural project called “Isolario” which aims at keeping the small Cycladic islands’ cultural heritage alive through various cultural activities which take place every year on the islands of Folegandros, Sikinos, Donousa, Amorgos and Kimolos.

Jewels on the Greek Crown: Koufonisia

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)  Koufonisia is a cluster of two islands, Kato (Lower) and Pano (Upper) Koufonisi that belongs to the complex of Small CycladesGeographically, it is located on the southeast side of Naxos and on the west side of Amorgos.  Koufonisia also include the tiny, uninhabited island of Keros, which is a protected archaeological site from which a good number of ancient Cycladic art has been excavated in the 20th century.  The main occupation of the locals is fishing, so Koufonisi is a true fish village where visitors may eat fish and seafood in abundance.  It has one of the biggest fishing fleets in Greece. Its heavenly beaches – mostly sandy – are part of the magic of this picturesque island.

Paros: Jewel in Greece

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)  Paros Island, one of the largest of the Cyclades, has a lot to offer its visitors. Whether one prefers a quiet, peaceful holiday enjoying nature and traditional Greek atmosphere, or one is more of a party type, the island provides endless possibilities. Paros features many beautiful sandy beaches; some are hidden, tiny little bays, enclosed by extraordinarily “sculptured” rocks (“Kolimbithres“- photo), while others are long and wide. The countryside – with its terraced hills and magnificent rock formations, endless vineyards, olive groves and fruit trees – is overwhelming. There also exist many attractive villages in the traditional Cycladic style. Their glowing white houses along labyrinth-wise streets, decorated with arches, pretty balconies, Greek pottery, bright flowers and fragrant herbs can make the visitor discover one postcard theme after another. Visit the website of the Municipality of Paros Island 

Greece / Jewels in the Crown: Island of Sifnos

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)  A grey landscape of rock, broken up here and there by a gleaming white chapel, is the first impression on visitors as the ferry draws into the harbour of the Cycladic island of Sifnos. On a plateau six kilometres from the port, one encounters a unique view: the whole of the plateau is covered with sparkling white villages which virtually blend into one another. The island was famous in ancient times for its wealth, which came from gold and silver mines and the quarries of Sifnos stone. It enjoyed great prosperity in classical times, as can be seen from its treasury, dedicated to Apollo at Delphi.  More info: Travel to Sifnos www.travel-to-sifnos.com

The Hidden Fabulous Greece

greece_insidwe(www.minpress.gr / The Observer , 10.05.09)  Greece has been a popular tourist destination for decades. Despite the mass tourism, quiet villages and deserted beaches do still exist. Nicola Iseard of “The Observer” assembled a panel of experts and persuaded them to reveal their personal favorites of Greece.   The extensive article features secret islands like Kastellorizo in the  Dodecanese, Milos in the Southern Cyclades and Antipaxoi in the  Ionian Sea and hidden fabulous beaches like Egremni in Lefkada Island.   Moreover there are suggestions for special places to stay like Milia Settlement in Crete and suggestions for the best taverns serving traditional Greek food. For the more adventurous ones, the article suggests active escapes like rock climbing in Kalymnos Island. Read the whole article here.