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Amorgos at Polish tourist magazine H2O

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA) In the April issue of the Polish tourist magazine H2O, Marek Slodownik introduces the Cycladic island of Amorgos to the lovers of sailing and “the deep blue.”

The article provides readers with tips on how to enjoy sailing, while gazing at the coasts of Amorgos, as well as information on the island’s history and hidden tourist attractions such as locations where the famous film “The Big Blue” was shot.
The author reports that Greece is a favoured destination for Polish tourists, as approximately 250,000 visit the country every year.
Visit Greece: www.visitgreece.grGreek islands


”Έρως: από τη Θεογονία του Ησιόδου στην ύστερη Αρχαιότητα”- Μουσείο Κυκλαδικής Τέχνης

”Έρως: από τη Θεογονία του Ησιόδου στην ύστερη Αρχαιότητα” Μια μεγάλη αρχαιολογική έκθεση αφιερωμένη στον Έρωτα και τις διάφορες εκφάνσεις που πήρε κατά την αρχαιότητα – από τις πρώτες αναφορές του στα κείμενα του Ησίοδου έως τους ρωμαϊκούς χρόνους παρουσιάζεται στο Μουσείο Κυκλαδικής Τέχνης.
Η έκθεση περιλαμβάνει 270 εκθέματα από 45 αρχαιολογικά Μουσεία της Ελλάδας, της Κύπρου, της Ιταλίας και της Γαλλίας. Δίνουν  ραντεβού στο Μουσείο Κυκλαδικής Τέχνης σε μια τολμηρή και αποκαλυπτική έκθεση που έχει ως θέμα της τον χρυσόφτερο θεό και ακαταμάχητο δαίμονα με τον οποίο ασχολείται η ανθρωπότητα από τη γέννησή της ως τις μέρες μας: τον έρωτα.
Τα 270 γλυπτά, ανάγλυφα, αγγεία, ειδώλια, λυχνάρια, κοσμήματα- ορισμένα με υπογραφές διάσημων γλυπτών και αγγειογράφων της αρχαιότητας – που προέρχονται από 46 αρχαιολογικά μουσεία της Ελλάδας, της Κύπρου, της Ιταλίας και της Γαλλίας (μεταξύ άλλων και του Λούβρου) θα αποκαλύψουν τις αμέτρητες όψεις του από τον 6ο αι. π.Χ. έως τον 4ο αι. μ.Χ. μέσα από εννέα ενότητες (επιμέλεια: καθηγητής Νίκος Σταμπολίδης και Γιώργος Τασούλας).
Η έκθεση ”Έρως: από τη Θεογονία του Ησιόδου στην ύστερη Αρχαιότητα” στο Μουσείο Κυκλαδικής Τέχνης θα διαρκέσει ως τον Απρίλιο.
(Πηγή: Γενική Γραμματεία Επικοινωνίας-Γενική Γραμματεία Ενημέρωσης / Δελτίο Πολιτιστικών Θεμάτων)

Children’s Corner at Cycladic Art Museum

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)   Starting from October, the Cycladic art Museum runs a recreational education programme for children, every week until May 2010. On Saturday mornings, young museum educators assisted by curators organise handcraft, painting and story-telling workshops drawing inspiration from the museum’s exhibits. Families may enjoy a guided tour of the museum while children participate in activities. The museum plans to enrich its programme with more happenings.  Founded in 1986, the Museum of Cycladic Art is dedicated to the study and promotion of ancient cultures of the Aegean and Cyprus, with special emphasis on Cycladic Art of the 3rd millennium BC. Apart from the permanent exhibitions, the museum hosts temporary displays focusing on modern art, thus exploring links between ancient cultures and modern artistic creation.

Greece / Jewels in the Crown: Island of Sifnos

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)  A grey landscape of rock, broken up here and there by a gleaming white chapel, is the first impression on visitors as the ferry draws into the harbour of the Cycladic island of Sifnos. On a plateau six kilometres from the port, one encounters a unique view: the whole of the plateau is covered with sparkling white villages which virtually blend into one another. The island was famous in ancient times for its wealth, which came from gold and silver mines and the quarries of Sifnos stone. It enjoyed great prosperity in classical times, as can be seen from its treasury, dedicated to Apollo at Delphi.  More info: Travel to Sifnos www.travel-to-sifnos.com

Culture & Relaxation on Cyclades Islandes

♦ International Festival of the Aegean @ Syros 
For the fifth successive year, Syros in the Cyclades island complex is organising the International Festival of the Aegean at the Apollo Theatre in Hermoupolis.  The festival opens with Puccini’s Tosca on July 1 and runs until July 11.   The Apollo Municipal Theatre (also known as La Piccola Scala) in Hermoupolis is an important landmark and symbol of its financial and cultural prosperity circa mid-19th century. Constructed in1862-1864, it remains to this date one of the oldest indoor theatres of modern times as well as an architectural jewel of Syros.  Hermoupolis, the “Queen of the Cyclades,” is the capital of the island of Syros, the centre of the Aegean Sea and a city of unique history and architecture with countless neoclassical public buildings in marble, mansions with full marble facades and rich decorations.  Prominent amongst these is Hermoupolis’s Town Hall which also houses the town’s Cultural Centre and was designed in the 19th century by Ernst Ziller. The magnificent buildings, mansions and church throughout Syros attests to the island’s former glory, when in the first half of the 19th century it became known as an international commercial centre linking Western Europe and the Mediterranean sea to the East. See also: The Spectator (27.5.09) – Grecian jewel 
♦  Dancing @ Naxos 
An eleven-day seminar on Greek Cycladic dances will be hosted on the island of Naxos from July 21-31 (Nisos Naxos 2009).  The seminar is not all about mastering the folklore dances of the Cycladic islands but mostly a journey through the Aegean Sea’s traditions, music, arts and history.   The island of Naxos is the largest and the most fertile in the Cyclades group of islands and an ideal place for vacation. More than 64 villages, most of which are mountainous, cover its slopes. They are well known for their cool climate and their delicious local cuisine.  Nisos Naxos 2009: Programme & Registration
♦ Painting exhibition @ Andros

The Basil and Elise Goulandris Foundation Museum of Contemporary Art on Andros Island is presenting -for the first time in Greece- an exhibition featuring the work of Belgian painter Paul Delvaux, highlighting his relationship with Greece through myth.  The exhibition “Paul Delvaux and the Antiquity” will open to the public on June 28 and will run until September 27. Andros is the second largest after Naxos island in the Cyclades cluster with rich natural beauties and vegetation, natural springs, torrents and a lot of rivers. For those who love hiking Andros is full of beautiful paths, with streams, small waterfalls and traditional cobble-stone pavements in the villages bringing the visitors in contact with nature.In modern times, the island developed its merchant marine sector with its shipping registry ranking second, after Piraeus in 1939.

Children’s Corners in Greek Museums

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)  In a growing, worldwide trend aimed at making museums more interesting for children, Athenian museums are beginning to attract the Lilliputian crowd by making exhibits fun and friendly.
Museum of Greek Children’s Art
The Museum of Greek Children’s Art is located in a building which displays paintings as well as artwork created by children aged 4 to 14, and it offers many exciting workshops for the holiday season. Santa’s elves and tradition legends provide the inspiration for painting workshops for various age groups, and there are also theatre games to entertain the younger set. For more information, please visit: www.childrensartmuseum.gr  
Ilias Lalaounis Jewellery Museum
The Ilias Lalaounis Jewellery Museum has one of the most exciting programmes for children. There are apprenticeships open to high school students who are interested in learning the trade while rubbing shoulders with professional jewellers in the museum’s workshop. On December 27 and 28, the museum has prepared a festive programme for 6-to-12 year olds. Activities range from a guided tour through the colourful “Frivolous Fashion, Fabulous Faux: A Century of costume Jewellery” exhibition – with 500 items that cover styles from the Victorian era to the showy 1980’s – to a treasure hunt. 
Museum of Cycladic Art
From fascinating storytelling to art workshops and theatre games, the Museum of Cycladic Art (MCA) has plenty of interesting activities planned to keep children creatively occupied, namely through its programme “Saturdays…are fun at the MCA.”
Benaki Museum
The Benaki Museum offers educational programmes for children through its “Christmas at the Benaki Museum” initiative, for youngsters between the ages of 8 and 12.

Greece: Daily Life in Antiquity

(GREEK NEWS AGENTA)antiquity  “Scenes from Daily Life in Antiquity” is the title of a new permanent exhibition which opened yesterday (20/11) at the Museum of Cycladic Art. The exhibition gathers 150 artefacts that offer visitors the opportunity to acquaint themselves with various aspects of public and private life in Classical Greece: political organization and administration, religion, burial customs as well as daily activities. Large panels and screens with interactive applications help create the impression that visitors are in an ancient city.

Greek Museums Online

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)  As Kathimerini daily reports, more and more Greek museums are grabbing the opportunity to get active on the Internet. Well-known museums as well as some of the smaller ones abroad offer digital exhibitions especially curated for the Internet, overflowing with plenty of detailed information. Examples include the National Museum of Contemporary Art (www.emst.gr )  blog, which is celebrating its first birthday (http://fixit-emst.blogspot.com); the Benaki Museum (www.benaki.gr) is fluent in Spanish; the Museum of Cycladic Art (www.cycladic.gr) has gone on Facebook and the National Gallery (www.nationalgallery.gr) has redesigned its website, with information now available in Greek, English, French and German.

Magic Greek Small Islands

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)   Koufonisia is a cluster of two islands, Kato (Lower) and Pano (Upper) Koufonisi that belongs to the complex of Small Cyclades. Geographically, it is located on the southeast side of Naxos and on the west side of Amorgos. Koufonisia also include the tiny, uninhabited island of Keros, which is a protected archaeological site from which a good number of ancient Cycladic art has been excavated in the 20th century.  The main occupation of the locals is fishing, so Koufonisi is a true fish village where visitors may eat fish and seafood in abundance. It has one of the biggest fishing fleets in Greece. Its heavenly beaches – mostly sandy – are part of the magic of this picturesque island.

Visit Greece: Naxos Island

 (GREEK NEWS AGENDA)  The island of Naxos is the largest and the most fertile in the Cyclades group of islands. Its numerous sandy beaches make it an ideal holiday place for people who seek a quiet and beautiful are for their vacation. More than 64 villages, most of which are mountainous, cover its slopes. They are well known for their cool climate and their delicious local cuisine. Sport and nature lovers should not miss the walking tour in the fertile Tragea plains, where one sees Byzantine chapels, Venetian residence towers and picturesque villages. The Naxos Festival at the Bazeos Tower, (19 July to 4 September) guarantees a rich cultural life during vacation. Don’t miss this year’s exhibition on the theme: “Art and Madness.” At nights, as one may relax by the sea, and one must definitely try the excellent citron liqueur, produced at Khalki village. It must be noted that the Archaelogical Museum of Naxos has a unique collection of Cycladic statues and artifacts, dating back to 2800 B.C.