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Greek Window to the Mediterranean Sea

» CretAquarium

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA) Since 2006, Greece has been home to one of the most impressive aquariums in the Mediterranean. The CretAquarium – part of the larger “Thalassokosmos” complex in Heraklion, Crete – is the Hellenic Centre for Marine Research‘s technological and scientific marvel. It houses approximately 2,500 marine organisms which visitors can look at from special observation points, whereas the use of remote-controlled cameras can further enjoy the experience.

» Rhodes Aquarium

The Rhodes Aquarium, located at the northern coastal tip of the city, was built by the island’s Italian administration in the period between 1934 -36 and presently operates as an aquarium museum and research centre. Its exhibits include specimens of anthozoa, molluscs, species of the crab family, a large variety of fish as well as sea turtles. The museum section showcases various kinds of sharks, toothed whales, and Mediterranean monk seals. The centre also runs research programmes, covering every aspect of oceanography in the area of the Dodecanese islands. Athens Plus: Rhodes – Secrets of the deep (30.4, p.43)