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Dion: 40 years of Excavations

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)  Dimitrios Pantermalis, president of the Acropolis Museum, presented on July 11 the book “Ancient Dion-40 Years of Excavations” on the occasion of the 38th Olympus Festival at the archaeological site of Dion.   On the northeastern slopes of Mt Olympus, Dion -an ancient Macedonian city- was the most sacred place for Macedonians, dedicated to Zeus.  The lush environs of Dion are steeped in mythology, including stories that explain the origin of the name Macedonia. Ancient Dion’s numerous temples, theaters, bath complexes, stone-paved streets, tombs and a set of impressive fortifications bear witness to a very prosperous and historic place of political and religious importance. Philip II and Alexander the Great both celebrated military victories at Dion, making lavish sacrifices to Zeus and staging athletic contests.  Today, the site of Dion constitutes the hub of a spacious and well organised archaeological park, while various performances are being staged at its ancient theatre, as part of the annual Olympus Festival.    Athens Plus: Dark Myths and Cool Walks in the Shadow of Mt Olympus (10.07.09) pdf


Greek Innovation Plan Gains Laurels

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)   During a special ceremony of the Hellenic Parliament on January 20, the Speaker of Parliament Dimitrios Sioufas bestowed honours to Antonios Platanios – winner of the 2008 Microsoft Innovation Days (Greece)- for his pioneer project on home energy saving. The sixteen-year old high school student won first place in 2008 Imagine Cup Finals of Microsoft Innovation Days, an annual event attended by academics and entrepreneurs who exchange views on Greece’s competitiveness and ability to promote entrepreneurship at both an individual and corporate level.   Platanios’ project “Protasis” focuses on the environment and aims at reducing power consumption. With this project application for ‘the future home,’ Antonios Platanios represented Greece at the world Finals of 2008 Imagine Cup competition in Paris.  Imagine Cup 2009: Registration  Special Secretariat for Digital Planning: A strategic agreement with Microsoft; Microsoft: Innovation Centre Greece

Greek Bilbliography

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)   The current electronic catalogue of the Greek Bibliography of the 19th century constitutes the first overall “card classification repository” in electronic of a work-in-progress: the first codification and concise presentation of entries gathered by the “Philippos Iliou” Bibliology Workshop at the Benaki Museum concerning Greek pamphlets and books that have been recorded in the bibliographical sources. The retrospective Greek national bibliography of the 19th century is a collective work, as is every ambitious bibliography project, based on the long preparatory work undertaken by distinguished scholars and bibliographers. Its foundations were lain by the three-volume Greek Bibliography 1800-1863, by Dimitrios Ghinis and Valerios Mexas (Academy of Athens, 1939-1957), in combination with successive series of addenda over the same period, which were introduced by C. Th. Dimaras from the pages of the journal Eranistis (a periodical publication of the Society for the Study of the Greek Enlightenment). The work was later taken up mainly by the Institute for Neohellenic Research of the National Hellenic Research Foundation.

A Peek At the New Acropolis Museum

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)    The BBC News website hosts a five-minute video of a “Preview of the New Acropolis Museum.” The President of the Organisation for the Construction of the New Acropolis Museum, Archaeology Professor Dimitrios Pandermalis and BBC’s correspondent in Athens, Malcolm Brabant, take a stroll on the premises of the New Acropolis Museum and visit the Hall reserved for the Parthenon Marbles (those in Athens and copies of those in the British Museum) as well as the specially designed, transparent floor where a visitor can walk on the ruins of ancient and Byzantine Athens. Professor Pandermalis highlights the advantages of the space selected for the construction of the Museum given the view that it offers towards the monument of Acropolis. The Museum is scheduled to open its gates to the public in autumn.