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New Finds: City beneath Macedonian Pella

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA) Recent discoveries at the archaeological site of Pella have introduced a new chapter in Macedonian history. Beneath the ruins of the ancient capital of the Macedonian kingdom lies a huge prehistoric burial ground that offers the first evidence of organised life in Pella during the third millennium BC. The Aristotle University of Thessaloniki came across over 100 Early Bronze Age burials in large jars, accompanied by marble works of art from the Cyclades islands, local ceramics and metal ware. The finds are so recent that analysis has not yet revealed exact dates, but initial evidence completes what is already known about Pella in the Early Bronze Age (2100-2000 BC). What became known as “the greatest of Macedonian cities” was built on top of the prehistoric graveyard when Archelaus moved his capital there from Aiges, excavation director Professor Ionannis Akamatis says. Continue reading