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Greece: Democracy & Human Rights

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)  With the opportunity of the publication of its second round of reports, JURISTRAS research project has launched its own webpage at: www.juristras.eliamep.gr. JURISTRAS, a Hellenic Foundation for European & Foreign Policy project, comparatively explores processes of human rights litigation in the European Court of Human Rights judgments, and its effects in national legislative reform and policy making in a number of EU member states and Associate Candidate States. Nine countries are selected as case studies: eight EU Member States (Austria, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Romania, and the UK) and one EU candidate country (Turkey). Gateway of the European Union: europa.eu 

Greek Think Tanks

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)                     The Hellenic Foundation for European & Foreign Policy (ELIAMEP) is celebrating its 20th Anniversary today (October 22) at the Amphitheatre of the Benaki Museum. Professor Mario Monti, President of Bocconi University in Milan and former European Commissioner will deliver the annual lecture on “The Challenges Facing Europe and the Role of Think Tanks.” The programme also includes a short documentary on the Foundation’s 20th anniversary and a speech by the President of the Board of Directors Professor Loukas Tsoukalis on “The War of Ideas and the Role of ELIAMEP.” A music performance with songs from the Balkans to the World will follow.  There will be a live streaming of the celebration for the 20th Anniversary of ELIAMEP and the 2008 Annual lecture from a web tv channel

Think Global – Act European

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)    Notre Europe and the Fondation pour l’ Innovation politique (Fondapol) brought together a group of European think tanks with the aim of making recommendations to the EU’s next trio presidency including France, the Czech Republic and Sweden (July 2008 – December 2009): The “Think Global – Act European” (www.tgae.eu) project brings together 13 renowned think tanks including the Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign Policy (www.eliamep.gr), which has contributed five papers to the final report. The other think tanks participating in the TGAE project are Bruegel, CEPS, CER, demosEUROPA, DIIS, ECFR, EPC, EUROPEUM, SIEPS, SWP.   Continue reading

Greek Think Tanks

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)  Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign Policy (www.eliamep.gr) is involved in a wide range of activities and research programmes, which cover different aspects of European and foreign policy and other related fields.  ELIAMEP launches a new publication series, ELIAMEP Thesis. It will cover issues related to EU integration, to Europe’s role in global affairs and to important developments in international affairs. The new series will complement ELIAMEP’s Policy Papers, in an effort to produce short and timely analyses and recommendations on topical issues and current developments. In the first issue of ELIAMEP Thesis Janis A. Emmanouilidis, discusses the prospects for differentiated integration in an EU 27+. The author argues that the EU will require different paces, if the enlarged and politically, economically and geopolitically more heterogeneous EU wants to remain effective. Emmanouilidis is currently a  Stavros Costopoulos Fellow at ELIAMEP.

Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign Policy: ELIAMEP Thesis No.1

Halki International Seminars 2008

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)  The central theme for the Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign Policy’s (www.eliamep.gr) 2008 Halki International Seminars will be “Regional Flashpoints and Transatlantic Policies.” Discussions will concentrate on assessing current transatlantic strategies and drafting future policies for the stabilization of turbulent regions and the resolution of conflicts. Applications are welcome from policy-makers, academics, journalists, diplomats, members of parliament and young researchers. Deadline for applications: 18 April 2008   The Halki International Seminars have been held annually since 1990 on the Aegean island of Halki. The Seminars promote the exchange of ideas among “young leaders” from the EU, the US, SE Europe, the Black Sea, the Mediterranean and Middle East.

Education and Cultural diversity in Poland, Greece, Spain, Latvia, the United Kingdom and Germany

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA) Within the framework of the research project EMILIE (A European approach to multicultural citizenship: Legal, political and educational challenges), new reports have been published by the Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign Policy (ELIAMEP) on education and cultural diversity in Poland, Greece, Spain, Latvia, the United Kingdom and Germany. ELIAMEP Reseach Fellows Anna Triandafyllidou and Ruby Gropas focus on: ‘Greek Education Policy and the Challenge of Migration, ‘An Intercultural View of Assimilation’