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Summer Camp for Children of Greeks Abroad

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)  The emigrant Hellenism demographically is almost half of Greece’s population (6 million approximately). The Secretariat General for Greeks abroad together with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs cooperate closely to ensure that the Greek diaspora remains connected and the ties with the motherland stay strong.  Every year, summer camps for children of Greek descent get organised at various parts of Greece. The first session of this year’s camp, where  some 720 youngsters from 51 countries around the world had been invited, has been successfully completed.  The children took history and mythology classes and participated in various recreational activities.  Deputy Foreign Minister for Greeks Abroad, Theodore Kassimis commented: “It is moving to be here with so many Greek children from every corner of the world, and even more so because this year in particular we have children with us from Chile and Uruguay.   These are children who love Greece, are taught Greek daily, and we brought them here to get a first-hand experience of the country they love and cherish.”