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Enterprise Europe Network

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)   The European’s Enterprise Europe Network is a network of integrated support for businesses throughout Europe. This year, the European Commission is launching the European Entrepreneurship Video Award 2009, for videos that explore any of the following subjects: “The entrepreneurial spirit,” “Innovative Entrepreneurship”, “Responsible Entrepreneurship.” The deadline for submission of short videos is March 31, 2009. The producers of the best videos will be invited to the opening event of the European week for small and medium sized enterprises on May 6, in Brussels, Belgium.  European Commission – Enterprise and Industry: European Entrepreneurship Video Award and Enterprise Europe Network in Greece Greek News Agenda: Enterprise Europe Network in Greece
» 1st SME Week
The First European SME Week, taking place from May 6 to 14, 2009, is a campaign to promote entrepreneurship across Europe and to inform entrepreneurs about support available for them at European, national and local level. Throughout 2009, events are taking to help them develop new ideas and benefit from personalised information. The SME Week encourages and supports SMEs to reach their full potential. It also marks an opportunity to inspire potential entrepreneurs to ‘take the plunge’ and work towards achieving their aspirations.


Computer Seminars for Immigrants in Athens

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)   An “Unlimited Potential” centre, which began operating in October in Athens, offers free certified computer literacy seminar series for up to 150 immigrants. The centre was set up by the City of Athens Centre for Employment and Entrepreneurship and Microsoft Hellas.  The programme aims to improve immigrants’ access to the job market. The Hellenic Professional Informatics Society has taken on the organisation of the programme, while Hellas ECDL is offering accreditation exams for free. The seminars have already begun in Igoumenitsa, Epirus and are being planned for other cities, including Thessaloniki and Patras.  Athens Plus: Free computer science seminars for immigrants (p. 17)  Microsoft Unlimited Potential: Helping Create a Positive Future for Migrants in Greece  &  Press Release – Gains Without Frontiers – Microsoft’s Unlimited Potential in Central and Eastern Europe (10.11.2008)