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Europe: On the Air

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA) The European Commission announced in Brussels on Tuesday that beginning in April 2008, a consortium of 16 radio stations from 13 EU countries will co-produce and simultaneously disseminate programmes dedicated to news and society in Europe’s 27 countries on a daily basis. The network programmes will include news, interviews, discussions, and will initially be broadcastingt in 10 languages (Greek, German, English, Bulgarian, French, Spanish, Hungarian, Polish, Portuguese and Romanian), while later on, they will gradually be broadcast in the 23 languages of the EU. Representing Greece initially in the consortium is Skai Radio (www.skai.gr, in Greek).

Greek Design for Anniversary Euro Coin

(ATHENS NEWS AGENCY) The design submitted by the  Bank of Greece mint, the work of sculptor George Stamatopoulos, has been chosen for a commemorative two-euro coin to be issued by all Eurozone countries in 2009 to mark 10 years since the circulation of the euro. The winning design was announced by the European Commission on Monday and was chosen by EU citizens through an Internet vote. Continue reading

Hubner: Greece’s absorption rate of EU funds at 85%

(ATHENS NEWS AGENCY) The absorption rate of available funds from a 3rd Community Support Framework programme (for the period 2000-2006) by Greece totals 85 percent, EU Regional Policy Commissioner Danuta Hubner said on Wednesday. Support Framework programme, Hubner said the absorption rate rose to 85 percent after Greece submitted payment applications with EU authorities. The European Commission on Feb. 12 had announced that the country’s absorption rate was 74 percent.

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Enterprise Europe Network in Greece

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA) The European Commission inaugurated in Brussels on Thursday the Enterprise Europe Network, the new network of integrated support for businesses throughout Europe. The Enterprise Europe Network in Greece, is the largest network of integrated business support which covers the entire country. It offers services of international business cooperation, briefing on European policies, services on innovation and the transfer of technical know-how, as well as services for the encouragement of participation by small and medium-sized businesses in European programmes on research and technology. Continue reading

Enterprise Europe Network operates in Greece

(ATHENS NEWS AGENCY-MACEDONIAN PRESS AGENCY) The European Commission at an event in Brussels on Thursday inaugurated the start of operation of the Enterprise Europe Network, the new network of integrated support of businesses throughout Europe. Present at the event was Commission Vice President Gunter Verheugen who is responsible for Enterprise and Industry.The Greek Enterprise Europe Network-Hellas, member of the European network, is the largest network of integrated business support which covers all the Greek region. Continue reading