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GALILEO – EU’s Compass Shows the Way

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)   The prospect of the European Satellite Navigation System “GALILEO in Europe – especially in Greece – is the topic of a presentation currently taking place in Thessaloniki (May 16), with the participation of the Minister of Transport and Communications Kostas Hadjidakis. Galileo constitutes European Space Agency’s answer to modern space industry’s needs in terms of navigation. It is considered a worldwide competitor of the current American Global Positioning System (GPS). Minister Hadjidakis highlighted the opportunities for the Greek enterprises in the field of transport, telecommunications, information technology and energy, given the fact that Galileo is expected to create 10,000 new jobs around Europe and fill the market with an estimated €10 billion from services generated by the programme.  Galileo Hellas: www.galileo.gr; European Commission: Green Paper on Satellite Navigation Applications; Secretariat General for Information: About Greece, Telecommunications