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“Heaven” at the 2nd Athens Biennale

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)   The 2nd Athens Biennale under the title “Heaven” will open on 15 June and will last until 4 October 2009. The Athens Biennale (www.athensbiennial.org) functions within an international network of large-scale periodic contemporary art events. It emerged from the intense cultural activity that makes Athens one of the most interesting places for contemporary art, and it aims to be an agent of constant change and innovation, provide a context for creativity and dialogue and constitute a wide platform for the designation and the critical engagement of local artistic production, as well as a forum of discussion and exchange with the international scene. The Biennale presented its first edition, titled Destroy Athens, between 10 September and 2 December 2007. The exhibition, as well as the parallel exhibitions and events, reached 50,000 visitors and was hailed a success by the international Press.  Athens Biennale: International Press  Articles & Interviews &  Conference: “Mapping the European Biennial Network” (June 2008)

Greece – Essential Info

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)   Visit the “Greece-Essential Info” link, on the Secretariat General of Information website (www.minpress.gr), to find numerous interesting links covering almost every aspect of contemporary Greek reality. Also visit the “Greece in the World,” “World Media articles on Greece,” as well as the “About Greece” + “About Brand Greece” relevant sections. Apart from its frequently updated english website, the Secretariat General of Information issues three specialised bulletins: the english online daily bulletin Greek News Agenda (www.greeknewsagenda.gr) and the weeklies GrèceHebdo (in French) and Boletín Griego de Noticias (in Spanish). A German weekly edition is also forthcoming. Greek News Agenda recent Special Issues: Greek News Sources Online; 2008 Events in Greece, A Mini Guide; Thessaloniki – City of Culture; Learning Greek among Greeks; Studying in Greece; The Greek Economy: Pointers; Summer Festive Times; Thessaloniki International Film Festival; The Jews of Greece