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Ancient Precious Graves Unveiled in Greece

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)     In a rich, ancient cemetery in northern Greece near Pella, archaeologists have unearthed 43 new graves unveiling the bodies of 20 warriors with copper helmets and iron swords, daggers and spearheads. Ornaments of gold foil covered their mouths, eyes and chests as part of the burial offerings found inside the graves.   According to the Culture Ministry’s press release following the first excavation “the settlement (to which the cemetery belonged) flourished in wealth and population mainly during the archaic period”, while “the funerary use of (the gold ornaments) and the other grave goods points to a strong belief in life after death, and rebirth.”  Associated Press: Rich finds from ancient cemetery in Greece


A City under the City of Thessaloniki

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)  Another archaeological treasure right under the city of Thessaloniki was found during the excavation works for the city’s new metro line. Workers discovered more than 1,000 graves in different shapes and sizes and some contained jewelry, coins and other pieces of art, according to the Archeological service department. The location showed signs of a cemetery with graves dated from the 1st century B.C. to 5th century A.D, a period during which, the city of Thessaloniki was founded. More finds are expected as excavations continue further.
Associated Press: Ancient Graves found in Greece; Attiko Metro S.A.: Thessaloniki Metro- Archaeological Excavations