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Greece: Public Administration Reform

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)  “The evolution of Public Administration in Greece into a strong, reliable and efficient mechanism that guarantees high-level services to the public, is the priority for which the Interior Ministry has been striving for the past five years,” Interior Minister Prokopis Pavlopoulos said on January 29, addressing an event on progress in the implementation of the Operational Programme “Public Administration Reform 2007-2013.”  Pavlopoulos noted that the opportunities provided by the Operational Programme “Administrative Reform 2007-2013, include measures facilitating pension payment distribution, a reduction by 25% of the bureaucratic cost of setting up a business, reduction by 50% of the time required to issue certificates, strict control on hospitals’ supplies, and substantive curbing of corruption, particularly through restricting civil servants’ personal contact with citizens during transactions. He added that the vision could be encapsulated as forming citizen-oriented, efficient, open and flexible governance.  Ministry of Interior: www.ypes.gr; General Secretariat for Public Administration and eGovernment: www.gspa.gr  National Strategic Reference Programme: Operational Programme –Public Eadministration Reform 2007-20013; Europe’s Information Society: ICT for Government and Public Services