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EU Economy & the Greek Experience

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)  “The Greek experience from the EU policy of economic and social cohesion and the Greek dimension in the EU process of developing the Structural Funds” is a paper written by Nikos Frangakis and A.D. Papagiannidis, both experts of the Greek Centre for European Studies and Research (www.ekeme.gr). This paper was presented on February 1st, 2008, in Budapest, at the Institute for World Economics of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, in the framework of the EU-CONSENT Network of Excellence. According to the experts, the experience from the operation of the Structural Funds and the overall cohesion policy has been one of the major aspects of Greece’ participation to the EU for the better part of three decades and it also served as a visible factor in the very process of the EU developing its structural policies.  The Greek Experience from the EU Policy of Economic and Social Cohesion  by Nikos Frangakis and A.D. Papagiannidis, Greek Centre of European Studies and Research.