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Costa-Gavras Lends Touch of Magic to Immigrant Tale

(www.minpress.gr / Reuters, 06.03.09) eden-is-west-2“Eden Is West”  Costa Gavras’ new film premiered as a noncompeting selection of the recent Berlin International Film Festival, showing a magical approach to Europe’s big immigration problem. Elias, the main character played by Riccardo Scamarcio, is an immigrant who arrives to a European shore and tries to go to Paris, his perceived paradise. On his ways he faces exploitation by the middle class but finds poor people lending him a helping hand.  The film has strong imagery and Costa-Gavras and co-scripter Jean-Claude Grumberg have tried to give to their hero an essence of the wandering Ulysses.   Costa Gavras has, in the past, been the winner of the foreign-language Oscar for his film “Z”, of Cannes Palme d’Or for the film “Missing” and of Berlin Golden Bear for the film “Music Box”. Read more…

Griechenland Aktuell

GRIECHENLAND AKTUELL ist ein wöchentliches deutschsprachiges Magazin über das politische, wirtschaftliche und kulturelle Geschehen in Griechenland. Herausgeber ist das Generalsekretariat für Information der griechischen Regierung. Über die angegebenen Quellen können zusätzliche Hintergrundinformationen bezogen werden.  Für die neueste Ausgabe, bitte hier klicken: 09.10.2008  Für Newsletter-Abonnement des “Griechenland Aktuell”, bitte hier klicken: GR.aktuell@minpress.gr  “Griechenland Aktuell” ist Teil des Projektes: Greek News Agenda

Greece – Essential Info

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)   Visit the “Greece-Essential Info” link, on the Secretariat General of Information website (www.minpress.gr), to find numerous interesting links covering almost every aspect of contemporary Greek reality. Also visit the “Greece in the World,” “World Media articles on Greece,” as well as the “About Greece” + “About Brand Greece” relevant sections. Apart from its frequently updated english website, the Secretariat General of Information issues three specialised bulletins: the english online daily bulletin Greek News Agenda (www.greeknewsagenda.gr) and the weeklies GrèceHebdo (in French) and Boletín Griego de Noticias (in Spanish). A German weekly edition is also forthcoming. Greek News Agenda recent Special Issues: Greek News Sources Online; 2008 Events in Greece, A Mini Guide; Thessaloniki – City of Culture; Learning Greek among Greeks; Studying in Greece; The Greek Economy: Pointers; Summer Festive Times; Thessaloniki International Film Festival; The Jews of Greece

International Hellenic University Symposium

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)  The 1st International Hellenic University Symposium titled “Economic Developments and Challenges in the World Economy and Markets and in the region of Southeast Europe” begins today in Thessaloniki. Prime Minister Kostas Karamanlis will be the key note speaker, and leaders from the financial, business and academic communities will be attending the university’s first major event.  International Hellenic University: Symposium Programme; Greek News Agenda: Studying in Greece

Resilient Greek Economy

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)     The Greek economy showed resilience in the first three months of 2008, expanding by a better-than-expected annual rate of 3.6% in the first quarter of 2008, compared with the corresponding period last year, said the National Statistics Service .  Meanwhile, according to the Eurostat figures, gross domestic product (GDP) in the 15 eurozone countries rose by 0.7% in the January – March period against the previous quarter, thus recording a 2.2% year-on-year rise. As regards Greece, the country’s economy rose by 1.1%, in comparison with the previous quarter and by 3.6%, compared with the first quarter of 2007.    Continue reading

Greek PM: Safeguarding Price Stability

 (GREEK NEWS AGENDA)   Prime Minister Kostas Karamanlis addressed an official dinner given in honour of the European Central Bank’s (ECB) board at the Zappion Mansion on Thursday, stressing that although being a relatively new institution, the ECB “succeeded with great skill in safeguarding price stability and securing favourable conditions for growth.” He also said that the emerging crisis in world fiscal markets, the slowdown in the American economy and the increase in the prices of energy, basic products and food, unavoidably had an impact on Europe. He noted that the recent fiscal crisis underlined the need for closer cooperation in supervising the fiscal sector, adding that apart from the initial moves carried out, it is important that the effort to further strengthen the fiscal stability framework be continued. The prime minister went on to say that Greece’s priorities are focused on restructuring basic economic indexes, reforming markets, promoting social cohesion and sustaining viable growth with respect for the environment.   Continue reading

Bank of Greece Annual Report

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)  Bank of Greece Governor Nicholas Garganas, in his annual report of the economy released yesterday, forecasts continuous growth of the economy at higher rates than the rest of the eurozone, albeit at a slower pace. The country’s 2008 GDP growth forecast is revised downwards at 3.5% from a previous estimate of 3.7% in February. The slow down, as well as the inflation rate expected to rise to 4% this year from 3.4% previously, are inevitable and are due primarily to higher oil prices. The report also attributes these trends to higher pay rises and the presence of cartels in many markets. The Governor said the Central Bank favours mergers and acquisitions in the banking sector and called on banks to improve the quality of their portfolios, and on households to make careful appraisal of their ability to repay loans before borrowing. Garganas also welcomed the recent reform of the social security system.  Continue reading