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Greece: Tourist Arrivals Up

Tourist arrivals in Greece recorded a double-digit rise in September, vindicating forecasts of an increase in tourism that will exceed 10% for the whole year.
In particular, the number of foreign visitors to Greece is set to reach a record of 16.5 million this year. That is up 12% from 2010, according to the Association of Greek Tourism Enterprises (SETE).
The increase in arrivals translates into a considerable increase in revenue as well, amounting to more than 17% of GDP and 20% of employment.
Meanwhile, in view of the 10th Conference Tourism and Growth to be held on October 31, Culture and Tourism Minister Pavlos Yeroulanos presented the government’s strategy for Greek tourism during the decade 2011-2021 in a meeting with the SETE Board of Directors on October 3.
Yeroulanos said that the aim is for Greece to be included within the top 10 tourism destinations in the world, and for direct and indirect tourism Gross Value Added (GDP-taxes + subsidies) to reach € 50 billion and jobs in the tourism industry to reach 1 million.


Greek Orthodox Easter

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)  Considered the most important holiday on the Greek calendar, the celebration of Orthodox Easter (Pascha, Greek: Πάσχα) is unique in almost every corner of Greece. Special traditions mark not only the mourning of Christ’s Crucifixion and the celebration of Resurrection, but also the passage from winter to spring. The uniqueness in celebrating Easter the traditional Greek way lies more in the week leading up to the event (Holy Week) rather than the actual religious holiday. The word “Pascha” derives from the Jewish “Pasah” which means “Passover”. Jewish people celebrated “Pasah” to commemorate their liberation from the Egyptians and the passage of the Red sea.While in the ancient Greek years, Easter time coincided with the month of Anthesterion (the flowering month), a celebration of spring and the rebirth of vegetation.   Continue reading