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Mini Guide of 2008 Events in Greece

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)   Always admired for its history, cultural heritage and beautiful landscape, Greece is now respected for the whole spectrum of its comparative advantages. From its status as an energy hub, a financial centre and overall gateway to Southeastern Europe to its leading role in shipping, Greece counts an increasing number of accomplishments and an growing number of friends.  Greece is a well established brand and a timeless destination. A variety of exhibitions, conferences, business fairs, cultural events and research colloquiums are taking place throughout the country on a yearly basis. The following is a selection of such events during 2008. Continue reading


Greek Wines from A to Z

» Oenorama Exbibition

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)   Wine experts throughout the world are noticing the distinct and unusual grape varieties of Greek wines that set them apart from the somewhat uniform varieties of most wines in the marketplace today. Oenorama Wine Trade Exhibition (www.oenorama.com), Greece’s premier wine, spirits and viti-vinicultural event, is taking place on March 28-30 at the Mediterannean Exhibition Center, Athens. The event mirrors a maturing wine market domestically and the success achieved by quality Greek wines at an international level. In addition, oenorama offers to both exhibitors and visitors the opportunity to meet Greece’s wine professionals and get acquainted with the dynamic Greek wine market. Entrance to the exhibition is free for those who pre-register by today, March 17th. Continue reading

Wine Roads and Alternative Tourism

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA) Wine Roads of Northern Greece is a proposal which combines wine tasting and alternative tourism. It consists of eight vinicultural routes, which take you from Mount Olympus and Epirus to Byzantine Thessaloniki and the landscapes of Halkidiki and from Amynteo in the north-west to Thrace in the far north-east. It offers escape from the urban routine, indulgence in good food, friendly people and stunning landscapes. Signs point the way to vineyards and wineries where visitors are introduced into the world of wine and initiated into the secrets of its enjoyment. Prominent local varieties, include Xinomavro, Agiorgitiko, Athiri, Moschofilero and many others. [Greek Wine Makers: Varieties], [Kathimerini daily: Wine producers toast a rise in consumption and promotion]