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The Greek Culture Agenda

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA )    – Gaia Festival is an independent world music festival, held in Thessaloniki. Since 1998, it has presented artists such as Nina Simon, Cesaria Evora, Savvina Giannatou, Massive Attack, Gotan Project and many others. This year, the festival presents “Οjos De Brujo Soundsystem” from Spain, “Caravan Palace” from France, “La Shica” from Spain, “Balkan Beat Box” from Israel, “Ζiveli Orkestar” from France and “17 Hippies” from Germany. Till April 12.
– A special tribute to the Swedish director Ingmar Bergman (in Greek) will be held at Danaos Cinema from March 20-26. The event is co-organised by the Athens International Film Festival, the Embassy of Sweden and the Cinema magazine Continue reading


The Greek Culture Agenda

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)  The National Gallery- Alexandros Soutzos Museum will host a large retrospective exhibition of Nikos Lytras, one of the boldest representatives of early Greek Modernism. Under the title “Nikos Lytras, 1883-1927 Building with light and colour,” the exhibition will by inaugurated by the President of the Hellenic Republic on March 19 and will run until June 2.
– The National Gallery: Greek light and colour
“Unfinished,” an exhibition which consists mainly of photographs shot in diverse towns of the Middle East, is being presented by Hrair Sarkissian at Kalfayan Gallery, from March 13 to April 5. Continue reading

“History Lost” a Multimedia Exhsibition

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA) Within the framework of Greece’s efforts to secure the repatriation of illegally-exported ancient artefacts, the Hellenic Foundation for Culture is currently organising a major exhibition at the Portuguese National Museum of Archaeology in Lisbon on the illicit antiquities trade and its impact on Civilization. The exhibition titled “History Lost” is part of the Foundation’s broader campaign (since 2006), which aims at alerting countries worldwide, thus emphasizing the universal dimension of the issue of illicit antiquities trade. Previous events were successfully held in Athens, Nicosia and Trieste, with the participation of accredited academics and governmental bodies. Continue reading

New editions related to Greece

» On Poet Constantine P. Cavafy

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA) The life and work of the eminent Greek poet Constantine P. Cavafy has a prominent place in the research of many renowned scientists, among whom, Professor Miguel Castillo Didier, from the University of Chile. In tribute to the poet’s work and life, the Chilean Neohellenist Castillo Didier presented on January 28, his latest book “Alexandria and Cavafy” at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina with the support of the Hellenic Foundation for Culture (HFC).Secretariat General of Information: About Greece- Literature Continue reading