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Greece: A Joyful Anniversary

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)   The Hellenic Parliament held a special session on July to mark the 34th anniversary since democracy was restored to Greece after a seven-year dictatorship fell on July 24, 1974. During the “Third Hellenic Republic” political life had been normalised and democratic institutions consolidated. Nowdays, according to the 2007/8 UN Human Development report, Greece ranks 24th  among 177 countries. Parliament Speaker Dimitris Sioufas, representatives of the government and the political parties in Parliament paid homage to the people that had struggled against the junta rule, highlighting the fact that the Cyprus problem was still unsolved 34 years later and stressing the need for a just and viable solution. On the occasion, President of the Republic Karlolos Papoulias held the annual anniversary banquet. Athens News Agency: Restoration of Democracy anniversary ; BBC: Greek Military Rule Gives In to Democracy; Konstantinos Karamanlis Archive: The Restoration of Democracy, 1974-77

Digital Archives in Greece

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA) The Hellenic Literary and Historical Archives (E.L.I.A.) have initiated a programme of digitising its archives, called “Digitisation, Utilisation, Projection of E.L.I.A.’s Cultural Societies.” It implements the scientific documentation and digitisation of photographs and postcards, newspapers, periodicals and calendars, theatre, cinema and music, totalling 84,500 records. In addition, the programme consists of a multilingual, digitised publication entitled “Photographers – Greek and foreigners –in Greece during the 19th and 20th centuries (1839 – 1960)” and the development of a website on the subject: “Everyday life in Greece viewed through E.L.I.A.’s archives.”