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EU backs up Greece

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA) The European Union yesterday, in a joint statement by the Heads of State or Government, agreed to take determined and coordinated action to safeguard financial stability in the euro area, and expressed full support for the efforts of the Greek government and their commitment to do whatever is necessary to get the country’s public finances in order.
European commission chief Jose Manuel Barroso said that the statement was intended to end speculation that Greece would require a bailout package, while adding that “the Greek government believe they do not need financial support.”
Addressing a press conference at the end of the informal summit in Brussels and referring to this agreement to assist Greece, Prime Minister George Papandreou said:

“our partners assessed and ascertained our will to change, we convinced them, following our great efforts, and it is necessary for us to continue. We will succeed.”
Greece is aiming to reduce its deficit by 4 % of GDP this year, largely through cuts in public spending and an increase in taxes. However, Papandreou said that he would not hesitate to adopt more measures if it becomes necessary.
Council of the European Union: Agreement to support Greece; Kathimerini daily: EU offers help but no specific money pledge


In Europe for Help Dial “112”

(GREEK NEWS ADENDA)  How much do we know about “112″, European Union’s emergency phone number throughout the EU? Instead of searching for the national number when in emergency, any traveller circulating on EU territory can dial EU’s single “112” number. This number will not replace existing national emergency numbers and therefore, in most countries, including Greece, it operates alongside the existing national numbers. (“100” for Greece) In an attempt to raise EU citizens’ awareness concerning this service, the European Commission has established February 11  as European 112 Day. Recalling the difficulties in promoting the “112” service, Commissioner Reding in charge of the project commented that when she took up office, “it was said that 112 was EU’s best kept secret.”  You Tube: 112 – The single European emergency number