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Greek Business Matters

♦ 2009 Budget Progress

euro_money23(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)   Following the end of the first semester of 2009, the government, true has re-evaluated the consequences of the global crisis on Greek economy and the national budget, as well as the predictions concerning growth prospects in 2009.  After evaluating the data, it emerges that certain sectors of the economy, mainly private consumption and exports, will experience a downturn worse than predicted in the updated Growth and Stability programme. However, Economy and Finance Minister Yannis Papathanssiou believes the Greek economy will enter a recovery phase towards the end of the year, and will definitely record positive growth rates in 2010, as he stated during a recent press conference (25.6.2009).  Ministry of Economy and Finance: Tables on the 2009 Budget Progress

HEPO: New Website 

The Hellenic Foreign Trade Board (HEPO) is officially responsible for implementing the export policy of Greece. The organization focuses primarily on designing and coordinating activities for firms to expand their business into foreign markets, promoting best-practices in line with the national export policy, as well as encouraging and assisting SMEs in entering international markets. With the goal of reinforcing the efforts of Greek companies to expand their activities to foreign markets, HEPO implements a further innovative and ambitious initiative, titled “Greek building materials,” & “Greek building services.”  The initiative is incorporated into the framework of the country’s broad exporting policy set by the Ministry of Economy and Finance and concerns the overall promotion of the sectors of construction, building materials, equipment, and related services. For information, visit HEPO’s new website

The “MADE IN GRECE” on the World

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA) The government’s export policy is now entering a new phase that builds on the positive results of the past four years and will offer greater possibilities to the country’s exporters, Economy and Finance Minister George Alogoskoufis said at a presentation of the master plan of the Hellenic Foreign Trade Board (HEPO) for 2008 (February 9). “With the great efforts made by Greek companies, taking advantage of changes in the government’s export policy, we have managed to turn a new page in the country’s export performance,” “Capitalising on the experience gained to date, we are… formulating new priorities… and opening new horizons for our exporters…” Alogoskoufis stated. Continue reading