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Hellenext: Next Generation Initiative

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)          The Next Generation Initiative is non-profit educational foundation in Washington DC, founded in 2002 by an independent, collaborative network of global Greeks.  Their mission is to engage the young men and women of the next generation and empower them with the skills and experience necessary for effective and affirmative leadership.  Currently, the organisation is looking for students with Greek ancestry interested in taking part in the first national online study exclusively for undergraduate and graduate students of Hellenic heritage: gotgreek.hellenext.org  The Next Generation Initiative:  Next Generation internships & World-class leadership forums 


Rhodes: HQ of Intercultural Euromediterranean Centre

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)  The city of Rhodes – capital of the southeastern Aegean island – will be the seat of UNESCO’s Intercultural Euromediterranean Centre and the founding act will be signed today in a special ceremony to be attended by prominent figures from Italy, Russia, Bulgaria, Israel, Romania, France, Belgium, the United States and Turkey. The centre will be temporarily housed at the Medieval City of Rhodes until the Rhodes Mansion is completely restored as its permanent headquarters. The Intercultural Euromediterranean Centre will undertake the organisation of European and international meetings and conventions on cultural heritage, cultural relations, and environmental protection. City of Rhodes: Press Releases   

Greek Life Insurance Policy Programme from “New York Life Insurance Company”

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)   The New York Life Insurance Company began selling life insurance policies in the Ottoman Empire in 1882. In connection with turmoil caused by the outbreak of World War I, however, New York Life stopped selling policies in Europe and in the Ottoman Empire after 1914. Various reference works and other sources indicate that many persons of Greek ancestry living in the Ottoman Empire at the outbreak of World War I were displaced or perished between 1915 and 1923. The company searched its records to locate all policies issued in the Ottoman Empire before 1915 insuring those of Greek heritage. New York Life paid benefits on many of those policies. However, it received no claims and thus paid no benefits or cash value on some of those policies, referred to as the “Greek Policies.”
In order to encourage claims upon the Greek Policies, New York Life has established the Greek Life Insurance Policy Programme. Descendants of persons insured under the Greek Policies may submit claims for benefits at: www.greekinsuranceclaims.com/en/board.php3
In order to be considered, the claim form and copies of all supporting documents must be mailed or e-mailed to the Claim Board by February 28, 2009.

Greek Expats

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)   Fifty expatriates, who wish to study in Greece or become permanent residents, will have the opportunity to learn the Greek language with the help of special computer software. The World Council of Hellenes Abroad’s (SAE) three-month pilot programme will take place at the organization’s offices in Thessaloniki. The programme, funded by the General Secretariat for Youth, aims at promoting Greek cultural heritage and linguistic identity with the use of new technologies. 

Made in Greece

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)                Olive Oil
Nothing is more characteristic of Greece than the millions of olive trees that grow in valleys and mountainous areas. Olive oil is more than one of the leading agricultural products of Greece. It is a cultural heritage, reflecting thousands of years of history and tradition. Greece is in the major league of olive oil producers, and ranks second highest in the world. It produces more than 430,000 tons of olive oil annually and more than 80% of that is top quality extra virgin olive oil and organic olive oil, which is a much higher percentage than in other Mediterranean olive-oil-producing countries. Traders, consumers and chefs worldwide can benefit from the added value of the Greek high quality olive oil. Most organic olive oil produced in Greece is exported.The global olive oil industry is well aware of the superior quality of Greek olive oil. The increase in Greek exports reflects, to a certain extent, the recent shift towards healthier nutrition, worldwide.  Continue reading