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“History Lost” at the European Parliament

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)  The multimedia exhibition on the illicit antiquities trade and the impact of antiquities’ theft on culture, entitled “History Lost,” was held from February 9 – 13 at the European Parliament’s Yehudi Menuhin Hall in Brussels. “History Lost” was organized by the Foundation for Hellenic Culture with the support of the Chairwoman of the Committee on Culture and Education of the European Parliament, Katerina Batzeli.  The exhibition has already been presented in Nicosia, Athens, Trieste, Lisbon and Dublin.

Documentary Film Award to a Greek

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA) Trailblazer International Award for Documentary Films is a prize sponsored by MIPDOC and is awarded, on an annual basis in Cannes, within the framework of a conference on documentary industry, to directors and producers who contribute to the filming of original documentary films. Every year, five documentary makers from Europe, Asia, Americas and Africa are recognized for their work. This year, representing Europe, Greek producer Rea Apostolides is one of the five winners to receive the award at a ceremony scheduled on April 6, in Cannes. Continue reading

“History Lost” a Multimedia Exhsibition

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA) Within the framework of Greece’s efforts to secure the repatriation of illegally-exported ancient artefacts, the Hellenic Foundation for Culture is currently organising a major exhibition at the Portuguese National Museum of Archaeology in Lisbon on the illicit antiquities trade and its impact on Civilization. The exhibition titled “History Lost” is part of the Foundation’s broader campaign (since 2006), which aims at alerting countries worldwide, thus emphasizing the universal dimension of the issue of illicit antiquities trade. Previous events were successfully held in Athens, Nicosia and Trieste, with the participation of accredited academics and governmental bodies. Continue reading