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New Vandalos Film: “My Life in Ruines”

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)  Nia Vardalos’s new Greek-themed, Hollywood movie “My Life in Ruins,” will be released in Greece tomorrow (28.5); the world premiere took place in Athens on April 3, and was the closing film at the 8th annual Tribeca Film Festival in New York.   In the United States, the nationwide release is scheduled for June 5The film, featuring Vardalos as an archaeologist and tour guide, is set among ancient ruins and will be the first Hollywood production that secured a permit to film at the Acropolis site. The movie was partly sponsored by the Greek National Tourism Organization.   Greek News Agenda: “My Life in Ruins

A Farewell to Jules Dassin

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)    Jules Dassin (born Julius Dassin), famous noir films director passed away yesterday at age 96. Dassin was an American-born director who moved to France in 1952 after being subject to McCarthy’s communist blacklist in Hollywood. Married to Melina Mercouri, a well respected and highly active Greek actress and politician, Dassin filmed in 1960 “Never on Sunday,” winning the music Academy Award in Manos Hadjidakis’ music, and a nomination for Best Director, while Merkouri won the Award for Best Actress in Cannes Film Festival the same year. Together, they also filmed “Phaedra” (1962) and “Topkapi,” two other films which won the public’s heart and critics’ admiration. Living a large part of his life in Greece, he was considered a true Philhellene, to the point of Greek officials describing him as “a first generation Greek.” Mercouri and he opposed to the Greek junta and later on were major supporters of the return of the Elgin marbles to Athens, establishing the Melina Merkouri Foundation. Continue reading