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It’s All Greek to Me

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)   Charlotte Higgins, It’s All Greek to Me, Short Books, London 2008  “Consider the way we think: about right and wrong, about the nature of beauty, goodness, and truth. What, in the end, it is to be a human being amid the immensity of the universe. What it is to be mortal, to live for a brief while, and die. All this, and more, we have learned from the ancient Greeks. They moulded the basic disciplines and genres in which we still organise thought: from poetry to drama, from politics to philosophy, from history to medicine, and even ethnography.” Packed with useful cribs – history timelines; a who’s who; a guide to the Greek gods; a map for those who struggle to know their Lemnos from their Lesbos – “It’s All Greek to Me” is a bluffer’s guide in one sense, a primer that will give you a helping hand around Greek democracy, or the Persian Wars, or the Parthenon. But it is much more than that; it is a book of enthusiasms and pleasures, which aims to bring ancient Greece back into the mainstream of life – where it belongs”… Charlotte Higgins began her career in journalism on Vogue magazine. She has worked for the Guardian for 10 years and since 2004 she has been the paper’s chief arts writer. Media Reports: The Daily Telegraph & The Guardian & The Times & Daily Mail & xPatAthens Secretariat General of Information: Books – Classics & Byzantium