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Book: Paradise Lost / Smyrna, 1922

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)    Smyrna was the richest and most cosmopolitan city in the Ottoman Empire, where Levantine dynasties, Greeks, Armenians, Turks, and Jews, had created together a majority Christian community that was unique in the Islamic world. In his book “Paradise Lost: Smyrna, 1922,” author Giles Milton describes how two million innocent civilians were caught up in the conflict as victorious Turkish troops entered Smyrna. The port was ransacked and looted for days and hundreds of thousands were deported or killed. Milton actually met survivors of the massacre, who he says are haunted by the destruction of their city “every day of their lives.” 

Secretariat General for Information: Greece in the World- Books on Modern Greek History-“Paradise Lost: Smyrna 1922“; Foundation of the Hellenic World: From the 1920 elections until the Asia Minor Catastrophe

A Sweetener for Greek-Turkish Relations

Sakiz Adasi café (Sakiz Adasi means Chios Island in Turkish) has operated in the port city of Izmir (Smyrni in Greek) for approximately one year now, and has won the hearts and minds of the Turks. Set up by Greeks from the island of Chios, this unique cafe delivers original tastes to the the shop’s customers. While Chios mastic gum (masticha) may be a very popular item on the menu, the coffee shop offers a variety of Chios’ products ranging from gum, liquors, and mastic powders to soap and toothpaste. Continue reading