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Free Summer School in Greece

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA) Americans and Canadians of Greek origin, aged 17 to 23, will be meeting in Kalamata this July to take classes in Greek language, history, philosophy and culture. The summer school will also include field trips to archaeological sites, museums, and more.  Held annually since 2006 and organised by the University of Peloponnese, in Kalamata and the Pan-Messinian Federation of USA and Canada (www.pan-messinian.com), the aim of the summer programme is to enhance Hellenic education by “providing an immersion experience in contemporary Greek culture.”


Festivals in Greece

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)   Cosmopolis Festival: The International Cosmopolis Festival (July 16-20) takes place in the city of Kavala, with ethnic music and dance groups from Albania, Spain, Malaysia, Russia, Serbia, Nepal, Puerto Rico, Tajikistan and Greece. In addition to the concerts and dance performances, visitors may also participate in several workshops, watch films from the participating countries, as well as taste their ethnic dishes.
Festival of the Aegean : On the island of Syros, the fourth annual Festival of the Aegean is taking place from July 9 to 19, presenting classical operas and musical concerts. Famous artists from over the world perform in the island’s Municipal Theatre called “La Piccola Scala.” Continue reading

Mini Guide of 2008 Events in Greece

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)   Always admired for its history, cultural heritage and beautiful landscape, Greece is now respected for the whole spectrum of its comparative advantages. From its status as an energy hub, a financial centre and overall gateway to Southeastern Europe to its leading role in shipping, Greece counts an increasing number of accomplishments and an growing number of friends.  Greece is a well established brand and a timeless destination. A variety of exhibitions, conferences, business fairs, cultural events and research colloquiums are taking place throughout the country on a yearly basis. The following is a selection of such events during 2008. Continue reading