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38th Book Festival at Zappeion

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA) The 38th book festival opened its doors September, 11 at Zappeion.

With “Greening the Future” as its main motto – an idea of the Danish Ambassador in Athens, Tom Norring, – this year’s festival is expected to raise people’s awareness about climate change.  Everyday at Zappeio there will be book presentations, film screenings and meetings with authors, as well as a “green” concert on September 17 with the Danish band Grand Avenue and the Greek group Maraveyas Illegal.   The festival, which is organized by the League of Publishers (SEKB) with the City of Athens Cultural Organization and the Athens Publishers’ Association (SEBA), runs until September 27.  Kathimerini Daily: Greening the future is the main theme of the 38th Book Festival

Greece: Energy Matters

» Greece-Bulgaria-Romania agree on gas pipeline project

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)  An agreement has been signed by the Greek gas company DEPA and Italian Edison with Bulgarian Energy Holding for the construction of a pipeline that would allow Bulgaria to import 1 billion cubic meters of natural gas from the Caspian Sea region, through the ITGI (Interconnector Turkey-Greece-Italy) pipeline. The 160-km long pipeline, called Interconnector Greece-Bulgaria (IGB), will extend from Komotini, northern Greece to Stara Zagora, Bulgaria. Its construction is estimated to cost €120 million with €45 million provided by the EU.  Greece and Romania agreed yesterday during a meeting in Bucharest, between Romanian Economy Minister Adriean Videanu and Greek Development Minister Kostis Hatzidakis, to promote and coordinate gas connections between Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and Greece.  “We want to treat the Greek-Bulgarian, Bulgarian-Romanian and Romanian-Hungarian pipelines as a single whole, as a single pipeline. Especially since all three separate pipelines are financed by the European Union,” Hatzidakis said adding that this project would enhance cooperation between the four countries and strengthen their geostrategic position.  Meanwhile, DESFA, Greece’s Natural Gas National System Manager, and Bulgarian Energy Holding (BEH) signed yesterday a memorandum of understanding aimed at allowing the transportation of natural gas from Greece to Bulgaria from the Revithousa LNG terminal. Kathimerini daily: Greece – Bulgaria pipeline to raise security, lower gas prices

Better Late Than Never

Nisyros(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)   Kathimerini daily hosts a news item on the story of a British woman who received a postcard from the Greek island of Nisyros, 22 years after her niece had mailed the postcard, during a trip to the Dodecanese. “Wendy Bosworth said she was astounded when the postcard, slightly scuffed and enclosed in a sealed bag, dropped onto her doormat earlier this week.  The postcard said how the island was not affected by tourism and how the sea was beautiful and the people were very friendly, said the retired bookkeeper. She added that her niece, now a government official working in Uganda, had been amazed on hearing the news. She said, I wondered why you never said thank you, Bosworth quipped.”

European Elections

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA) The 27 countries in the European Union will elect the 736 members of the European Parliament this weekend for a 5-year term. More than 375 million people are eligible to vote in the 27 EU member states. Voting is by secret ballot, and results cannot be released by any country until voting ends in all member states. Since the last election in 2004, Romania and Bulgaria have joined the EU. Kathimerini daily: A quick guide to the European polls
Greek Expats 

According to figures available by the Greek consulate authorities, a total of 24,644 voters have registered to vote in Germany, 4,700 in Cyprus, 2,123 in Belgium, 673 France, 325 in Luxembourg, 518 in Sweden, 450 in Britain, 163 in the Netherlands and a few hundred in the rest EU countries. Roughly 500,000 Greek expatriates live across the EU.
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Greece: Encouraging Business Investment

untitled(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)   A €2 billion government plan aimed at subsidizing guarantees and offering reduced interest rates to businesses suffering due to the credit squeeze was approved yesterday (June 3) by the European Union antitrust regulators.  The scheme relates to state guarantees for investment and working capital loans contracted by companies through the end of December 2010, with the maximum duration of the guarantees capped at five years. The European Commission assured that this state aid does not distort competition in the European Union of 27 Member States, while stressing that a significant reduction in the cost of loans could be an effective way of encouraging business investment and economic recovery. Similar schemes drawn by other European countries have also been approved by the European Union. Kathimerini daily: Companies to get 2-bln-euro boost

British Foreign Minister on official visit to Greece

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)     British Foreign Secretary David Miliband, currently on official visit to Greece, held talks on Tuesday (26.5)  with Prime Minister Kostas Karamanlis, Foreign Minister Dora Bakoyannis and leader of the opposition George Papandreou.  In statements after their meeting, Bakoyannis and Miliband said that the discussion covered a wide range of subjects, including the Cyprus issue, Turkey’s and the Western Balkans’ European perspective, as well as developments in the Middle East, Afghanistan and Pakistan, and climate change. Miliband stressed the need for a solution to the Cyprus issue “by Cypriots and for Cypriots” adding that achieving the desired solution would require courage and flexibility. He also praised Greece’s stance over the past 10 years with respect to European Union enlargement to Turkey and the western Balkans, describing it as “strong, clear and brave.” Kathimerini daily: British FM backs pact ‘by Cypriots

Replenishing Lake Karla in Central Greece

KARLA.aspx(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)  An elaborate project to replenish Lake Karla in central Greece, which was drained in the 1960s, is set to be completed next March, when it will be used to irrigate the agriculture-dependent area.   Some 135 million cubic metres of water will be transferred from a reservoir containing flood runoff waters, reserves considered more than adequate for the irrigation of the Thessaly Plain. Already some 20 million cubic metres of water has been moved to the lake site.   According to local residents, birds have started returning to the lake. Conservationists hope that the refilling of Lake Karla will restrain widespread illegal boring for water by farmers.    Kathimerini dailyRestored Lake Karla to irrigate Thessaly Plain