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Cavafy Museum Soon in Athens

Konstantinos Kavafis

Greek poet Konstantinos Kavafis

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA) In less than one year and a half, Athens will boast its own C. P. Cavafy Museum at the tourist Plaka district.The Ministry of Culture has ceded a neoclassical building, which served as the residence of mid-19th-century political leader Ioannis Kolettis.Hellenic Postbank will financially support the endeavour of restoring and remodelling the premises.The museum’s exhibits and material will be based on Thessaloniki University Cavafologist, Professor George Savidis’ (1929-1995) archive. The museum’s establishment and operation will be overseen by the Centre for Neo-Hellenic Studies.The archive of Constantine P. Cavafy was passed over to Alekos Singhopoulos upon the poet’s will the year of his demise (1933).Singhopoulos maintained the archive until 1969, when he sold it to Professor George Savidis.The unusual care with which Cavafy treated Singhopoulos, along with their resemblance, led to the assumption that Singhopoulos might have been the poet’s son. According to another assumption, Singhopoulos was the illegitimate child of the poet’s brother.

C. P. Cavafy : The Cavafy Museum in Alexandria [Photo: Cavafy’s portrait by Jean Kefallinos]

Rampling Reads Cavafy

Charlotte Rampling(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)  Renowned English actress Charlotte Rampling (Order of the British Empire) and Polydoros Voyatzis hosted an evening of poetry and prose at the Athens French Institute Auditorium on October 8.  Rampling and Voyatzis red extracts from Margerite Yurcenar’s books and from Constantinos Kavafis poems, in French and in Greek.