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Olive Oil: Good Taste, Long Life

Olive oilextra-virgin1 (GREEK NEWS AGENDA)   Greek olive oil received complimentary reviews at the International Conference on excellence in olive oil (“Beyond Extra Virgin, June 21-23) sponsored by the Culinary Institute of America, together with the University of California at Davis.   The event – the largest conference on olive-oil excellence ever held in North America – explored the best production practices, sensory qualities, and culinary possibilities for the olive oil.  The olive oil industry was represented by the Hellenic Foreign Trade Board and its “Kerasma” project, which selected varieties from the island of Crete and the Peloponnese for this occasion.  Within the framework of the conference, a special event titled “Olive Oil and the Healthy Greek Kitchen” was organised especially for the presentation of case studies associating Greek culinary insight with wellness.  Kerasma: Olive & Olive Oil; Greek News Agenda: Mediterranean Diet- Panel Discussion in New York & Academic Research on Nutrition; Greek Mediterranean Gastronomy: Greek Olives: A Culinary Continuum


Hellenic Acquaculture Thrives

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)  Greeks have always had a symbiotic relationship with the sea. It is no surprise that they are at the forefront of sea farming, especially nowadays that consumer demand for seafood is increasing, while over-fishing and other industrial practices have depleted wild fish supplies all over the world. In the European Union (EU) alone, farmed fish has more than doubled in the last 20 years.  The EU supports sustainable aquaculture as a means to replenish natural stocks and supplement the struggling fishing trade. In Greece, the number of fish farms rose from 12 in 1985 to 290 in 2005.  With annual production of approximately 100,000 tons (Greek Mariculture Federation), and sales turnover at €460 million, mariculture is now the psaria3country’s second biggest export sector.  Greece is the world’s leading exporter of Mediterranean sea bream and sea bass, whose short production cycles are ideal for farming in Greek waters.  Greek Mediterranean Gastronomy: www.kerasma.gr; Federation of Greek Mariculture: www.fgm.gr; European Commission: Fisheries and Maritime Affairs

Greek GourmeTraveler

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)    The Greek world of food and drink is enjoying a renaissance. Global culinary trends have influenced modern culinary habits and producers have reached a level of maturity that has enabled them to create a vast spectrum of new food products, wines, and spirits, based often, but not always, on traditional preparations.  GreekGourmeTraveler, a magazine that focuses on the Greek Gastronomy and the Greek culinary products, is issued by the Kerasma initiative (www.kerasma.gr) and has published its Spring 2008 issue which is now available on line, including articles on “The Organic Movement Shines Bright in Greece’s Sunny Clime,”  “Prospero’s Kitchen: Food, Life and Travel in Corfu,” as well as “Kerasma Recipes for: Sweet and Savory Olive Purees, Lamb, 95 Smoked Cheeses, Sweet

A Toast to Greek Wine

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)      The 8th Thessaloniki  International Wine Contest that was organised from March 19-21, ended in a very delightful way for the Greek wine industry as many Greek varieties proved true winners in this prestigious event organised by Wine Producers Association of the Northern Greece (www.wineroads.gr), within the context of Oenorama exhibition. Among 791 contesting wine varieties, Greek wines were awarded 9 Grand Gold Medals by globally renowned wine experts and sommeliers. Yesterday, awarded varieties were available at a wine tasting reception at the Grande Bretagne HotelContinue reading

Greek Wines from A to Z

» Oenorama Exbibition

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)   Wine experts throughout the world are noticing the distinct and unusual grape varieties of Greek wines that set them apart from the somewhat uniform varieties of most wines in the marketplace today. Oenorama Wine Trade Exhibition (www.oenorama.com), Greece’s premier wine, spirits and viti-vinicultural event, is taking place on March 28-30 at the Mediterannean Exhibition Center, Athens. The event mirrors a maturing wine market domestically and the success achieved by quality Greek wines at an international level. In addition, oenorama offers to both exhibitors and visitors the opportunity to meet Greece’s wine professionals and get acquainted with the dynamic Greek wine market. Entrance to the exhibition is free for those who pre-register by today, March 17th. Continue reading

Gourmet Greece

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA) The Mediterranean diet, rich in fruits, vegetables and fish has earned the appreciation of the scientific community several times for its beneficial qualities. A recent survey published in Archives of Internal Medicine proves again that the diet is related to protection against cancer and cardiovascular diseases. A Greek scientist, Panagiota N. Mitrou from the University of Cambridge was among the scientists to examine the impact of the Mediterranean Dietary Pattern on all-cause mortality in a US population. The results proved that the primal assumption was correct and that the diet was indeed associated with reduced mortality. Culinary Greece: www.kerasma.gr; www.gourmed.gr; www.epikouria.com

The “MADE IN GRECE” on the World

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA) The government’s export policy is now entering a new phase that builds on the positive results of the past four years and will offer greater possibilities to the country’s exporters, Economy and Finance Minister George Alogoskoufis said at a presentation of the master plan of the Hellenic Foreign Trade Board (HEPO) for 2008 (February 9). “With the great efforts made by Greek companies, taking advantage of changes in the government’s export policy, we have managed to turn a new page in the country’s export performance,” “Capitalising on the experience gained to date, we are… formulating new priorities… and opening new horizons for our exporters…” Alogoskoufis stated. Continue reading