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Watersports Delight in Greece

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)   Greece famous for its sun, sea and wonderful beaches is a watersports paradise, providing perfect conditions for adventures of the aquatic variety for almost five months a year – June to roughly October.  Watersports facilities and clubs can be found on many islands as well as in the Attica region, just an hour away from Athens.

» Windsurfing

WindsurfingConditions in Greece are perfect for windsurfing, especially during July and August when the northern ‘meltemi’ wind blows across the Aegean. The sport became extremely popular in the country in the 90s after Nikos Kaklamanakis’s gold medal in the Athanta 1996 Olympics.  There are several windsurfing clubs around Attica – the closest to Athens being the Varkiza sailing Club. Closer to Sounio, there is also the Kouros Club Anavissos.  On the east coast of Attica, windsurfing clubs can be found in Schinias and Loutsa.

» Kite surfing

Kite SurfingKite surfing -the newest and more adrenaline-inducing surf experience- has been growing rapidly in popularity in Greece in the last few years.  In Attica the Aiolos Surf Club in Loutsa offers lessons for beginners while on the island of Paros there is a Kiteboarding Center, home of the official International Kiteboarding Organization (IKO) school. 

» Sea kayaking

Sea KayakingSea kayaking offers the opportunity not only to enjoy doing a watersport but also explore the surrounding area.  In that sense, the Ionian Sea is considered to be an ideal place to practice this activity.  With dramatic coastal cliffs, fascinating sea caves, unspoiled beaches, and turquoise bays of sparsely inhabited isles, along with traditional fishing villages, Venetian fortresses, and ancient Orthodox monasteries, the region is considered one of the world’s top 10 kayaking destinations.
Athens Plus: Summer Watersports (17.07.09 p.24-4)

Masks οn for Athens Carnival 2008!

 (CITY OF ATHENS) High spirits, creative expression, wild colours and fantasy to spare are the driving forces behind this year’s Athens Carnival, which kicks off on Tsiknopempti (Smoke Thursday), February 28.  Organised by the City of Athens Cultural Organisation (PODA), the Athens Carnival 2008 10-day programme of events was announced today during a press conference. Continue reading