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Have you Registered your Land in Greece?

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA) The Hellenic Cadastre is expanding into 107 new areas in the prefectures of Athens, Thessaloniki and the capital cities of all prefectures throughout Greece which had not been included in the country’s registry with previous projects. The cadastre constitutes the most important registry project that has ever been undertaken. In less than 4 years, 3.1 million hectares of land and 6.7 million real estate property rights will be registered. Citizens owning real estate properties in these areas must have them registered at the cadastre until September 30, 2008, while Greek citizens residing abroad can register their real estate until December 30, 2008. For further information, one may visit the Secretariat General of Information’s site: Land Registration in Greece (ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΟ ΚΕΙΜΕΝΟ) Continue reading


Register your Land in Greece

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)  The plan to begin the process of registering millions of homes and plots of land in Greece’s first ever comprehensive land registry is scheduled to begin on June 17. Some three million Greek and expatriate property owners in 107 municipalities nationwide have between June 17 and September 30 to register their title deeds with Ktimatologio AE, the state-owned company in charge of compiling the land registry. Property owners residing abroad will have until the end of this year to register their title deeds. Property owners will be able to visit one of the 76 land registry offices to submit the relevant documents or can fill in forms on line at the registry’s website, www.ktimatologio.gr