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Theodore Kyriakou – The Chef who Changed the Image of Greek Food

(www.minpress.gr) Athens-born Chef Theodore Kyriakou has changed the image of a Greece’s food  in the UK. In 1999 Kyriakou opened  in London the Real Greek, a restaurant specialising in the kind of food his mother used to make: by recreating many of the dishes he remembered, he introduced authentic Greek cuisine to a new audience, showning that Greek food can be fresh and vibrant, not oily and third-rate. Deciding to try something new, Kyriakou sold his restaurant business and chartered a sailing boat to take friends on a  tour of the Aegean. The result is a new book of his recipes, A Culinary Voyage Around the Greek Islands, all cooked and photographed on board. He admits that many of his dishes are not traditionally Greek: “My mother wouldn’t recognise them.” But they do feature Greek ingredients cooked in a Greek style: without fuss. “Our food is simple. When you have stunning tomatoes, great olive oil, lovely feta, what more do you need?” 
 Theodore Kyriakou: Greek voyage to vibrancy (Telegraph.co.uk, 13.06.2008)  
 The best Greek island tavernas (Times Online, 09.06.2008)


New Hellenic Olympic Committee President


(GREEK NEWS AGENDA) Spyros Capralos is the new head of the Hellenic Olympic Committee (HOC). Capralos becomes the 24th head of the HOC, succeeding the incumbent Minos Kyriakou for a four-year term.  In his first statements, Capralos pledged to do his best to live capralos4up to his office responsibilities and stressed  that scientists will join HOC in the battle against banned substances, making “clean sports” the new HOC motto. Capralos, a former water polo champion, was appointed Chairman of the Athens Exchange in 2004 after a successful term as Executive Director of the Organizing Committee for the Athens 2004 Olympic Games. In 2008 he was elected President of the Federation of European Stock Exchanges (FESE).