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PM George Papandreou`s intervention at the plenary session of the Eastern Partnership Summit (Warsaw, 30/9/2011)

By virtue of its location, Greece is uniquely positioned as a bridge linking the Eastern and the Mediterranean dimensions of Europe’s Neighborhood Policy and has promoted the development of both since the ENP’s inception. Therefore, we are very supportive of the strengthening of the Eastern Partnership (EaP) envisaged in the new Neighborhood Policy, based on our shared principles of liberty, democracy, respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms and the rule of law.
The re-launching and re-energizing of the Eastern Partnership, and of the European Neighborhood Policy as a whole, was long overdue. It was necessary in order to better respond to serious common challenges – political, economic, geostrategic, environmental or pertaining to security and energy – but also in order to better prepare for the future.
Structural reforms, internal political tensions, gas routes, energy supply, ecological risks, economic development, illegal immigration and organized crime, are only some of the challenges we are faced with in the framework of the Eastern Neighborhood Policy. Our engagement in the Eastern Neighbourhood is also a matter of consistency and credibility for the EU. Our strategic goal is and will remain the creation of a wider area of stability and prosperity, both in the South as well as in the East. This could only be done by boosting mutually beneficial institutional cooperation and by converging on a set of common values and standards, modeled on the EU positive paradigm and experience. Continue reading


Floating Museum in Greece for “The Liberty”

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)   Once US navy vessels, the “Liberty” ships were donated by the United States of America to the Hellenic Republic soon after WWII in compensation for Greece’s significant loss of naval forces during the war and in recognition for the country’s contribution to the cause. The “Liberties” were used as American transport vessels to carry supplies to and from Europe during the war. After the war, 100 of this type of vessels and other tankers were conceded to Greek ship owners, ushering a flourishing Greek mercantile shipping in the post-war era. The last “Liberty” is now anchored in Piraeus Port and will become a floating museum.  Google Books: “A History of Greek Owned Shipping” by Gelina Harlaftis; Secretariat General of Information: The leading role of Hellenic merchant shipping