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Greece: Olympic Flame Lighting Ceremony for the Games Beijing 2008

(www.chinaview.cn)  The official Olympic flame lighting ceremony for the Olympic Games Beijing 2008 video:  http://news.xinhuanet.com/english/2008-03/24/content_7850470.htm       
OLYMPIA, Greece, March 24 (Xinhua)  The Beijing Olympic flame was ignited in a traditional sun-ray ceremony on 11:45 on Monday at the Hera Temple of Ancient Olympia. Continue reading

Olympic Games: ‘High priestess’ in Olympic Torch ceremony named

(ATHENS NEWS AGENCY) The Plenary Session of the Hellenic Olympic Committee on Wednesday decided unanimously that the High Priestess of the Lighting Ceremony for the XXIX Olympic Games “BEIJING 2008”, on the 24th of March, will be the actress, Ms. Maria Nafpliotou. Maria Nafpliotou is the 10th High Priestess in the history of the Olympic Flame and the 9th in the history of summer Olympic Games. Also, the Plenary Session of the Hellenic Olympic Committee decided that Mrs. Artemis Ignatiou, will be the choreographer of the Lighting Ceremony in the place of Mrs. Maria Horss who retired, after 50 years of invaluable contribution. Continue reading