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World Media on Elgin’s Right to “Sell” the Parthenon Sculptures

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)   In his article “Return Elgin Marbles and lay ‘curse of Minerva’ to rest,” (News.scotsman.com, 7.3.2008) author John Kapranos Huntley reminds readers that Lord Elgin was a Scot, who was at the time, British ambassador in Constantinople. Furthermore, in removing the sculptures from the Acropolis buildings, through his agents in Athens, Elgin was acting in a personal capacity. “His intention was to transport them to Scotland, to embellish amansion he was building in Fife. The decision to offer the Parthenon sculptures for sale to the British Museum was made subsequent to their removal and transportation.” Thus, the essential question is -to be determined ultimately by the Scottish courts- did Lord Elgin have the right to “sell” the sculptures in his possession? Continue reading