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Greece: Evia – A True Island

EVIA MAP» Mountains & Beaches

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)  Evia is one of the most beautiful Greek islands and the second largest after Crete.   The island of Evia has a seahorse-shape and according to the myth, it was chipped off mainland Greece by a blow from Poseidon’s trident.  Chalkida is the capital of the island and it is built on both sides of the Strait of Euripus, one part on the island of Evia and the other on mainland Greece.  Northern Evia offers an ideal combination of verdurous woody mountainous environment with beaches of superlative beauty a unique destination, very different from other touristy areas of Greece. In the village of Papades, the visitor may enjoy a magnificent view of the Aegean and of Skiathos and Skopelos islands.  Loutra Edipsou is a well-known spa resort, famous since Roman times. Visitors from all over the world go there to take advantage of the therapeutic properties and the medicinal waters of Edipsos.  Athens Plus: Northern Evia-Bridging the Divide (29.05.09, p.42) 

» Nautilus Museum

nautilus1The “Nautilus Museum” located in the Edipsos region of Northern Evia features shells, fossils, rocks and other sea findings from around the region, acquired with care and great effort over the last 40 years.  The museum is open all year round ready to introduce visitors to some of the beauty and magic that the seas of the world are blessed with. Visitors have to opportunity to discover the many elements in the sea, whose properties have been studied by scientists and then applied to architecture, medicine, shipbuilding, engineering, textile industry and more, like the “brandaris” seashell, part of the murex family, which was the first medical tool (a dropper) used by Hippocrates.