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Focus on Mediterranean diet

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA)   Adopting just two aspects of the Mediterranean diet can cut the risk of developing cancer by 12% – research published in the British Journal of Cancer (7.2.2008) reveals. Lead author Dr Dimitrios Trichopoulos, professor of cancer prevention and epidemiology at Harvard University, said: “Our results show just how important diet is in cancer risk. Of the 26,000 people we studied, those who closely followed a traditional Mediterranean diet were overall less likely to develop cancer.” Consuming more good fats – like those found in olive oil – than bad fats – like those found in chips, biscuits and cakes – had the greatest effect, reducing cancer risk by 9%. These findings help show how making a few simple changes to our diet over time can reduce the risk of cancer. British Journal of Cancer: Conformity to traditional Mediterranean diet and cancer incidence: the Greek EPIC cohort  

New seminars in Crete offer immersion into Mediterranean Diet Studies

(SECRETARIAT GENERAL OF INFORMATION) Crete’s Culinary Sanctuaries (www.cookingincrete.com), an internationally acclaimed educational program, has teamed up with Field to Plate, a prominent US food education and events company, to organize dynamic seminars in Crete entitled: “The Mediterranean Diet: Refreshing Your Understanding. Translating it to the Plate”. This accredited program is designed for members of the healthcare, agriculture and foodservice industries to sink their teeth into the Mediterranean Diet, on site. Attendees meet producers of Crete’s renowned healthy cuisine on their farms, in their villages and kitchens. Read more…

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Gourmet Greece

(GREEK NEWS AGENDA) The Mediterranean diet, rich in fruits, vegetables and fish has earned the appreciation of the scientific community several times for its beneficial qualities. A recent survey published in Archives of Internal Medicine proves again that the diet is related to protection against cancer and cardiovascular diseases. A Greek scientist, Panagiota N. Mitrou from the University of Cambridge was among the scientists to examine the impact of the Mediterranean Dietary Pattern on all-cause mortality in a US population. The results proved that the primal assumption was correct and that the diet was indeed associated with reduced mortality. Culinary Greece: www.kerasma.gr; www.gourmed.gr; www.epikouria.com

Study for Mediterranean diet

Women who follow the famous Mediterranean diet while pregnant may also be shielding their baby from childhood asthma and allergy, according to a study titled “Mediterranean Diet in pregnancy protective for wheeze and atopy in childhood,” published in the international journal of respiratory medicine Thorax, on January 15, 2008. Doctors recruited women on the island of Menorca, Spain, in 1997, and quizzed them at length about their dietary habits. Six years later, they examined the women’s children for asthma and wheezing. The study found Continue reading